Friday, January 15, 2010


You wonder where I've been?

I've been setting aside a little time each day to play. Won't you join me?

There are sweets scattered about.

And lots of characters to choose from.

Or you can just swim on by.

Or even spin a top while a penguin watches.

And when we're finished playing, we can put it all away for the next day to start anew.

I found this great collection of Japanese erasers in Sausilito, CA at Games People Play and Sausalito Ferry Co.. I think I would enjoy living there on the hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay. What do you think? I think very much so.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

So cute!

Cheers and have a great week,


Beth said...

Cute Post, Rosie! Did you get rid of those Dovies last night? He He He! See you friday!

Snap said...

Great fun!

PEA said...

What an awesome little collection of erasers! Yup, I'm comin' right over to play with you:-) xoxo

Jeanie said...

Seriously colorful! I love every pic!



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