Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Moon, the Stars and Some Cows

I've been battling that ol' brown cow over head. Trying to shoo him away.

It indeed it is brown--the one that hovers over us like a dark cloud sometimes. Kelly has confirmed this because her mother says so.

I got out yesterday and ran some errands. The sun was out and it felt good to be out. Today was a dentist day replacing my old crown with a new, permanent one. I had expected the worse. The removal of the old crown two weeks ago was horrific. It took that long for the temporary one to settle down. But today's was pretty easy. Thank goodness that is behind me! Regardless, it was still good to get out of the house. (Sad, when you're happy to get out to the dentist!)

We are expecting some snow beginning tomorrow night. We're all (well, most Nashvillians) are rooting for the Salchow (sow-cow) to fly over head and leave us with lots of the white stuff. (Another one of Kell's cows.) I somehow think I'll like this one much better than the ones of the brown variety.

Thank you Aim for your rallying call and Kell for the cow twalk.

I'm trying to better here in blogland. Promise.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful nightsky picture! Here also, we are expecting snow...



Snap said...

Send that brown cow to Farmville at Face book! :D :D


Jeanie said...

I went to my dentist, the dreaded Dr. Mengele (not really; just feels like it when I'm there). Sometimes he's Fagin (you've got to pick a pocket or two). Either way, he said the bad word -- crown -- which really should only go on the top of my head and not into my mouth. I'm glad your revisit was better.

Vallen said...

May I offer you a pot of delightful Marie Antoinette tea? How 'bout a scone and a crumpet? Five hours of dishing? A cinnamon roll?
I know..if only.
California cows? I'm told they're better.

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a lovely moon photo. I love a night sky. I usually feel better when I spend time looking at one, and just thinking about all the things there are to appreciate about life. Seems no matter how long, and how hard we try, there just isn't going to be enough time to take it all in. That's when I remember just to take it a moment at a time, and make "that" the best that I can. It's hard sometimes, I know.



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