Monday, January 04, 2010

Ring in the New

With black eyed peas!

I changed my recipe a little and tried a new one.

It's from Garden & Gun and can be found HERE. Well kinda. I didn't make the "Hoppin' John." I kinda made a soup. I doubled the beans, added a Honey Baked Ham bone (rinse the sugar off) and put the tomatoes (canned/diced) with the soup and did not cook the rice with the peas.

I didn't make the "Hoppin' John." I kinda made more of a soup. I doubled the beans, added the tomatoes with the soup and did not cook the rice with the peas.

And, dinner is served.

We had flurries this morning which delighted the kid and I. I think this is the first for us this season. We've always been out of town when we did get some of the white stuff.

But with the snow comes the cold. Burr doggy. We're not quite used to this temperature down in these parts. I had to actually wear a coat while driving the kid to his orthodontist appointment. Whattup wit dat? (He--the kid--DID get his braces off this morning!!! Yay! Photos later, perhaps.)

Dave has the right idea lying by the heat register. He doesn't even want to go out! Now, that cold.

Ok, I don't know why I can't sit down and try to get up to date with everything I need to post about--like Thanksgiving! I have the photos in a file ready to go. This week, I'm truly going to try and get up-to-date. New Year's reso? Hmmmmm.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That looks good!



Sharon said...

Your soup sure does look good. It sure would be one to warm the inners.
It is only 11 here with lots of snow.
We are going to get more.
I happened to stop by via Pea.
I have a friend named Rosa.
God bless

Snap said...

The peas look great. I still get a giggle out of Garden and Gun .. always look for an issue when I'm at the local Barnes and Noble. How about some okra gumbo??? !!!

Happy New Year, dear one!

Nashvlkats said...

MMmm!! It's ritual here... blackeyed peas cooked with (Honey Baked) ham. I tried something different this year too by cooking up a mix of collard greens, Swiss chard & turnip greens with olive oil and garlic. Keeping my fingers crossed for good luck and prosperity this year!



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