Thursday, January 07, 2010

Khristos Rodyvsya!

Happy Ukrainian Christmas!

Not being of Ukrainian descent, I waffle from year to year as to how we celebrate. Some years, it's as simple as little toys laid out for the boys. Since the teenager isn't home any longer, I didn't even do that this year. Bad married-into-Ukrainian family mother. Oh well. Whatchya gonna do.

I am, however, thinking about trying my hand at a little baking today. (Oh my, you say.) I'll keep ya posted on that. Three p.m. and I best get cooking if I'm going to. (My Christmas present to myself.)

I think the robins are migrating a little early this year. I have been putting fresh water out for them as the ground and ponds are all frozen over. It has been terribly cold here.

Except today when we got a little dusting of snow. It warmed up a tad. Why is that?

Yesterday, I received my Christmas box from my brother Jim. We're bad that way. I have yet to mail brother Johnny's gift to him! Heathens!

For the kid.

Aso included in the box was my mom's ring which my sister-in-law had repaired. If you remember, this summer I had to cut it off her finger as her arthritis had her little fingers swollen so badly. Now I have a piece of her with me all of the time. Awwww.

Bella has been curled up, keeping warm.

Too cute.

Yes, there is a nose in there somewhere hidden under the paw.

Well, if I'm going to do this, I best be getting to it. I'm thinking about making an apple strudel. Yum. Just what I need while I'm trying to begin dieting again. Joy, joy to you all.



Anonymous said...

I remember that ring! How wonderful and perfect that it is on your finger now. Miss you dahling....XXOO ~ A

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Christmas! have a wonderful time!



Snap said...

Joy to you, too!

The ring is wonderful -- so special.

I'm going to try pumpkin muffins this weekend. Should be a good time to bake -- the temperatures outside around freezing! Yep, it even freezes in Houston!

Jeanie said...

Hooray! Bella-pix. I love them so! My favorote posts are those with Ms. B! Don't feel bad about the Christmas presents -- I haven't mailed to any of my relatives yet. I hope there's nothing seasonal in there -- I think I need to check.



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