Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul

Tomorrow, the kid and I fly out to San Diego to meet up with the hub. It was a trip we couldn't resist. The kid has never been out west! Can you believe it? He's been all over the world but never to points west in the good ol' USofA. So, we jumped on board without a bat of the eye!

We will be meeting up with BIL Jim and his lovely wife Amy and our little niece Jaime. Alex has never met Jaime, so this will be a real treat. And, of course, if you remember Amy's mom whom I lovingly call Flower Momma because of her garden that is full of such beauty. All of these photos are from our last trip out a couple of years back.

You can find me there doing this.

Looking at this.

Or perhaps have my head turned this direction. Such work.

I will partake in this.

And this.

And end up here. Mesmerized by the sea. I will keep you updated.




Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic, memorable time!!!
Hugs ~

Snap said...

Have a wonderful time. Our Owls play baseball in the spring in San Diego. We plan on flying out then. It's been years since we've been. San Diego Zoo here we come! I'm depending on you for all the San Diego scoop!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Have a great time and come back with lots of pictures to show us...



Linda said...

Have fun. I love that area-so beautiful.

Beth said...

I know you gonna have a great time, Girlie!!! Cant wait to hear all about it!!!

Jeanie said...

Sounds fabulous! You'll have a wonderful time! Enjoy!

PEA said...

Oh yes, such a rough life you'll be living there but someone has to do it, right? hehe Hope you're having a simply marvellous time dear Rosa!! xoxo

ChrisJ said...

Well at least you got some of our hot weather. It's supposed to cool down tomorrow and next week. And some of us are breathing a sigh of relief! So ungrateful that we are!



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