Friday, September 18, 2009

This -n- That

My hydrangea are just about finished but I was able to bring some in before I completely forgot about them.

I just love these two colors together. I wish the pink and green would dry these colors.

It's been raining for two days, and I have to admit, I am loving it. I absolutely love when the clouds get low over the hills. I'm always driving when I notice them, so I'm never able to capture the beauty for you. One day.

I put my shaggy plants out this morning and dowsed them with plant food. They seemed really happy tonight. I'm hoping for another day of rain tomorrow, but I haven't checked the weather yet.

Today, I had mom's carpet in her bedroom replaced but I have misplaced my little camera so I can't share that with you either. It looks fabo though. Fresh as the first day of spring. Now I have to get it back in order, fun.

The kid has moved into the teenager's old room. Poor guy was still sleeping in his twin bunk beds. He's about 6 feet tall now, so I think he's enjoying the full-sized bed. It still has all my stuff in there as a guest room. I didn't decorate it to be his room so I will have to do some moving of stuff. Oh well. Next in line is his room to have a makeover. I'm thinking about putting two twins in there for the nieces when they visit. One room at a time though. Have to finish mom's first.

Bella was quite mischievous last night while the kid and I watched our Ghost Hunters.

She continued playing with me until she got stuck on the camera strap. (Maybe that's where the camera is!)

"Hmmm, now what do I do?"

"I am NOT stuck, I'm just resting here."

"Maybe if I don't look at her, she won't notice me still hanging on."

"Ok, now this is getting old."

Tonight, I worked on my blog layout. Many thanks to Mo Jackson for all her wonderful doo dads that I used. I'll probably continue tweaking it. Who knows what you might find here next. The photo in the header is my parents' wedding. Awwww.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Here, we also had rain and it's quite foggy now! A nice room and a cute Bella!

Cheers and have an enjoyable weekend,


Snap said...

First thing I noticed was the blog redecorating! Then I read you are getting ready to redecorate a bedroom. You go girl! Loved the shots of Bella. What a beauty (little rascal)!

Beth said...

Ha,,That is so funny of Bella,,lol. And I will have to look at your header tonight,,stupid filters here at work are blocking it. Can't wait to see you tomorrow, I will call you this afternoon.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Girlie, Your blog looks great. Love your photo of your parents wedding. SO neat!!! How long has your Dad been dead?

Your hydrangeas are so pretty... Poor kitty got caught... Bella is a pretty one for sure.

I know that your young son appreciates a bed big enough for his long body now. George is 6'4" --and he loves our king.

Have a great day. More rain is coming.

Annie said...

Hi Rosemary, It's Annie from the Yahoo group. I reconnected with you via Jeanie at Marmalade Gypsy. Very happy to find you again. Love all your plans for the redecorating of your home and the rain - ahhhh, that is sublime. Please swing by and visit soon.


Jeanie said...

First, beautiful blog look! You've been busy!

Second, those hydrangeas rock! I love the green ones but the green/pink is even better!

I should try that plant food thing...

And Ms. Bella is taking a cue from Mr. Gyps with the camera strap. I'll just think he's posting and then his little eyes catch sight of it and that photo session is more or less over -- at least in terms of getting the good stuff! She's so cute. I have to tell you, I think seeing photos of Bella is gently helping me let go of Stimpy. Now orange-white cats aren't just him; they're both of them. And that helps.



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