Thursday, September 03, 2009

RIP Little Sony Cybershot T-100

Last night, before going into the house, I threw my little Sony Cybershot in a shopping bag I was carrying in. I put the bag on the kitchen table and the camera fell out onto the floor. I didn't think a whole lot about it other than "Well, that's good for it." Later the kid came in and opened it up to take a photo and the auto focus is just grinding. Doesn't stop. Oh my. I am totally beside myself. Thank goodness we're taking a trip down to Riverside this weekend where my old Cybershot is in semi-retirement. Not for long!

Of course, I'm in need of a new camera at this point. I don't think I mentioned it, but the kid and I are tagging along on a business trip to San Diego towards the end of the month. SO, I need a camera by then. I began doing some comparing last night and found this little diddy that will be on the market in a couple of weeks. I love the old DSC T series, but the newer models have the touch screen controls. I don't do touch screen, thank you very much. Call me old fashioned. Remember, I had to search and pay EXTRA for the T100 because it was already outdated. Now that just doesn't make any sense. The new WX1/B will be a little bigger, but I have to have the controls on the outside. C'est la vie. Nothing is perfect, is it. Anyway, I have pre-ordered it.

I had a lot of pictures in the memory before breaking it. Thank goodness I was able to download them! Here's Frankie in his shy mode. Poor little boo. He is just so timid!

The studio is coming along.

A lot of this stuff will go back into mom's bedroom once I have the carpet replaced. I need to get on that. Geesh.

My shelf unit arrived. The hub had to put it together for me. I'm really bad at reading directions, even when they're easy. But it's done. All my things are properly put away, at the moment.

I'm in the middle of making charms for a Halloween charm bracelet swap over at Saucy's. How fun is this! It has motivated me. Thank goodness for that. I'd show you pictures, but I don't have a camera! lol

I have also been working on baby shower invitations for my SIL's, MJ, niece. So I had to run into Green Hills yesterday to pick up the card stock I had ordered. There were some pretty flowers all around.

And I snapped this for SNAP! I just went to get her addy to link to and read that she just lost her kitty, Rocky. I am so sorry Snap. That is just so hard. I know. I've been there way too many times. Big hugs my friend. Hope this picture brings a smile to your face.

I have sunflowers and mums on the kitchen island. Wish I had taken more photos. They are just delightful.

Sniffle. The last picture I took with my T100 seeing if it still worked. Sniffle. The focus just runs and runs. Sniffle.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's never funny :-(... Frankie is so adorable and those flowers are so pretty!

Cheers and have a nice Friday,


Snap said...

Thanks, Ro. It did make me smile.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Sounds like you really do need a new camera. Sounds like you can still get the one you like. That's technology these days. As soon as we learn something, they change it!!!! ha

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love your flower photos, and wow, at the studio! It's coming along so nicely, Rosemary. Lucky you, to have such wonderful space to create in.

I'm sorry to hear about your camera, but I bet you will really like the new one.

Jeanie said...

Your studio is so bright and light. And the flowers photos -- wow. I need a new camera after losing my old one. What X is your zoom on the new one?



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