Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shifting into Fall Mode

After the peaches are all gone, it's then time for the apples to be giving their bounty. I just got an email from my SIL in San Diego asking if we wanted to go apple picking while we were out there. How fun does that sound! We haven't gone to any orchards since we were back in Virginia.

It's still warm here, but I am truly shifting gears to Autumn mode. Love it.

I found this lovely runner on Ebay. I love anything with felt involved.

I collaged this small paper pumpkin. Needs some more work. But for now, it's decor. I finished another one with paints. It's downstairs, so no pics yet.

While looking for something to fill the pumpkin with, I found my fall flowers to put in my little cups above the stove top. Now where did I put those tiny little dried pumpkins??? Hmmmm.

All the while, Bella kept a close eye on me. Just look at that face. Just want to smooch it!

A very happy birthday to my SIL Mary Jane! Cheers!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love your fall decorations! Even Bella is in the fall mode with her coat's colors...



Snap said...

Bella is quite the fall decoration herself! I got my dried leaves out and they are on the mantle. I'm itching to get the Halloween stuff out! Too soon, too soon!

robin bird said...

i just went back to the link you sent me of your carmel apple upside down cake recipe so i will be sure to send you a taste once i make it..soon because fall is arriving fast! you and jeanie are both such good internal seasonal clocks for decorating. i'm loving he kitchen view here!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Your pumpkin is so interesting. I like how it is sort of see through. Very cool, and your decorating is, as always, lovely. Ditto for sweet Miss Bella!

Jeanie said...

Your autumn looks lovely. ALMOST lovely enough to kick my rear in gear and get out some of my fall colors -- but I just can't quite make myself do it yet!

On the other hand, don't you find that orange-tinted cats look even more lovely at this time of year? Both the Gypsy and the Late Great Stimpy could just blend in with all those fall colors!

Beth said...

And now you are going to make a pretty fall banner next saturday for our Artsy get together. Bring that pumpkin and the one you painted so I can see them and how you did them. I can't wait!
Love that runner too!

ChrisJ said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm not ready for fall yet. Being brought up in British summers and in recent years, Toronto and Minnesota winters I hang on to the very last crumb of our summer.



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