Sunday, September 06, 2009

Alabama Sunset

We had been planning our first dinner out at Tin Top in Bon Secour. Mmmmmm. It was a beautiful sunset as we made it there.

Passing through Magnolia Springs (Fanny Flagg territory).

Obviously, I was into the blurred vision last night.

The meal, as always, was spot on.

Who doesn't love Barney? Had to chuckle over this warning at their market next door.

The kid drove us home, since the hub and I had partaken in happy hour. :-P He is driving so well. Even on the back roads of rural Alabama. So proud.

Yesterday, a seagull feather flew to me in a parking lot, so I had to add it to my TN blue jay feather already hanging on my rear-view window.

Today, the hub and I had lunch at a Crab Shack.

Always lots of hot sauces to choose from down here. Yumm.

Other than that, we woke up to a thunder storm this a.m. Always sets the tone for the day. Perfect.

The rest of the day is being spent as Frankie does. Laying low.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to go there!



Snap said...

I'm thinking Frankie has the right idea. Your *food* shots always make me hungry! Loved the Frog Day Afternoon post, too. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when the kids can drive, makes a change from you ferrying them everywhere.

Raphael said...

Thank you very much for sharing the picture with us!!
So much fun!!


Beth said...

Looks like your having your typically wonderful time at Riverside. But I bet your heading home today. Love all the pictures and I miss you alot!

Jeanie said...

We have this Barney Fife thing going on in our family! Rick calls our local (and relatively useless) township police the Barney Fife's because they never deal with real crime, just go for the annoying stuff! This made me smile! Glad you're enjoying yourself!

Queenly Things said...

Fannie Flagg territory - that's where I wanna be.

robin bird said...

oh so perfect that all three of you can be at the cottage at once! you had a little of everything to celebrate the ending of another lake season! i adore those blur photos! they caught my eye immediately!



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