Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summa Time!

. . . when the living's easy! Yay! The kid finished his freshman year in high school today. Yippee.

After dropping him off, I went to get my oil changed for the pending road trip tomorrow. That took longer than expected because I also had the tires rotated, again. Then it was about time to pick him up. He only went until 11 today!

We decided to head into town to pick up cupcakes for the weekly treat for the nurses and aides at mom's place. Since I won't be going tomorrow, my normal treat day, we decided to get a special treat of cupcakes from a new place in Germantown. Yum. We saw this delightful mini with a mini trailer hitched to the back on the highway. I love it! (This is the car the kid wants! He better start saving up NOW!)

Oh, these new cupcakes are too good! Is there such a thing as a bad cupcake? Hmmm. I don't think so. The new place is The Cupcake Collection, and they only use the best ingredients--no lard in the icing here! I've had two today. And I have to say, they are delish! Say it ain't so RO!! I'll only eat apples tomorrow, promise. tehe.

The ladies and gents were very happy to get goodies on a Thursday. And mom was happy to see us arrive in time for lunch. Once she was finished, we rolled on out to the veranda. The day was absolutely lovely. It's a little warmer today but under the awning the breeze just about put us all to sleep. Awwww, summatime--pre heat!

We spied the robin back in the nest but I thought the baby birds would have already flown the coop by now! Hmmm. So, once daddy had left to get worms, I had the kid stand up and take a pic and see what's going on down in there.

He came down and said "they're all dead, it's all a bloody goop in there." EW! When I looked back at the shot, I had to giggle. I had to explain this is what new hatchlings look like! Awww, new babies! I can't wait to come back and watch them grow. The last time I took pictures of the older babies, I made photos for the some of the ladies who told me about the nest in the first place. They were so excited to see the babies as they couldn't see them from their wheel chairs. I told the nurse I would make more photos for them when I returned.

Yep. Heading to Riverside in the morning. Let the summer begin! Cheers!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great! Have a wonderful time and lots of fun!



Beth said...

Have fun Dear friend and I hope to see you when you get back!

Snap said...

YeeeHaawww! Summertime means NAP time! :D Loved all the photos.. the car was funny. Mom looks great. Too funny about the new baby birds! The cupcakes make me drool.

Have fun!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes, Summer seems to be here, Rosa. We went to Hendersonville yesterday and the temp's got up to about 90... Yipes!!!!

The cupcakes look marvelous--and I'm sure the nursing facility folks ALL loved them.

Have fun at Riverside. I know how much you love that.

Jeanie said...

Yeeha! Those cupcakes look to die for!

Have a wonderful holiday! Sounds like just what you need!

Dianne said...

It looks so green and lush there. We finally had a little bit of rain!

You're looking really, really good. Tell the kid I said hi!

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful of you to take cupcakes and then take photos for the ladies too. I bet they all love to see you come for a visit.

Enjoy Riverside!


Janet said...

That cupcake looks sooooo good! I'm sure the staff loves you if you bring them goodies like that all the time!



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