Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

The hub was flying into Pensacola, so the kid and I decided to spend the day in that direction. Here's the kid at our favorite beach in Perdido Key talking to the cuz on the phone. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival at the end of June! Yay Jacq! Look at that gorgeous water!

We began with lunch at LuLu's, Lucy Buffet's crazy tourist trapy place in Gulf Shores. We went at an odd time because the food is fairly good and it's a fun atmosphere. Would I wait to get in? Not on your life! Seems the crazy sista (of Jimmy Buffet) has branched out even bigger. (Great website, btw.)

Lord have mercy. Daig sista, spread the love to your Fish River neighbors!

I do adore her LA caviar, but we skipped it this time.

I ordered the "everything but the kitchen sink" salad. Good stuff.

A snap by the kid. Mom would kill me if she saw me flipping my hair at the table. I be sorry.

But, the pièce de résistance was the dessert I had to have. Not the kid, mind you, ME! ! Now you know bread pudding is the big thing round these parts. But guess what Lucy's is made from? Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I kid you not. Who could say NO? Not me! We both had a couple of bites and then I had to say "Walk away from the bread pudding Rosemary, just walk away." This, btw, is my new favorite term. We were really good and truthfully only had two bites each. Well, maybe it was three. LHM. Smack me down and call me crazy.

After we finished at LuLu's, it was definitely time for a nap. But, since we were on a mission, there was not time. We headed down to the Gulf coast and followed it East towards Pensacola. The Gulf was breathtaking.

We stopped off at Joe Patti's at the suggestion of dear Dar, another fish market.

Some fresh local delicacies. (The mullet are the ones that love to jump here in the river during the spring. It's too much fun to watch!)

Some of the local fishing boats in from a long day including Capt. Joe himself.

We then headed up to our favorite little point, Santa Rosa Sound, to sit and kill time until the hub's flight arrived. The Blue Angels flew by in what looked like a missing man formation, or the practice thereof.

Then the fishermen began to arrive and set up their poles. Here, the gent caught a catfish which he threw back in.

The sunset was awe-inspiring. The guys said, "You don't really think we come out here to fish, do you? We come out here to watch the sun set." I'm with 'em on that.

It was then time to pick up the hub and head to dinner. The kid and I had decided on McGuire's Pub for a special treat. We'd never been here before and it was another suggestion from Dar.

Good one at that. (Another fun website.)

The walls, ceilings and any space is full of dollar bills. It is too much fun!

Loved this saying. Gonna have to remember that.

We ordered the boxty's, a fried mashed potato type deal. I thought they were pancakes but they were more croquet style. Good just the same, of course.

The the hub and I shared the Senate bean soup. Very good. Just like my Uncle Ralph used to make.

The hub ordered prime rib that was actually grilled. I'm not a big fan of prime rib, but the grilling made it very tasty indeed.

I ordered the steak and mushroom pie, your normal pub fare. Mmmmmm.

I loved the four leaf clover cut out on the pastry.

The kid ordered his favorite, fish and chips.

Dessert? Oh yes. White and dark chocolate cream pie.

Famous folks have all been here. I even noticed Jimmy PAGE's signed photo on the way out. Yowza.

When we left, I noted this little number. This is about my speed. Could you see me driving this baby with the kid in the sidecare? tehe. We had a Goliath about this color sitting in the back yard for years growing up. It brought back memories!! I would love to have that car now!!

Ok, now I'm hungry. Time for leftovers!



Anonymous said...

Hi Rosa: I really enjoyed your photos - we have had two wonderful vacations to Florida - it's an amazing state. I was fascinated by the dollar bills decorating the eatery - we don't have dollar bills in Canada (haven't had them for several years - we use a coin - Canadians call it the "Loonie" so I thought that was the neatest decorating idea! Your photos made for a pleasant visit for all of us who might not be so lucky to be there for awhile - so thank you! xoxo the fan

Snap said...

Traveling and eating with Rosa! Should be a book! I heard a story about Paula Dean and Krispy Kreme's ... making a hamburger with the donuts as the bun! Only once in your life would eat one, if you lived through the experience! ;D

Queenly Things said...

I just had french toast made with krispy kremes, cheese'n'rice, there ought to be a law. We'll get Vespas when we're retired and race 'em up and down the country roads. You see if we don't.
Thanks for another wonderful day of vacation.

Linda said...

That looks like such a fabulous area to explore. That food looks amazing, especially that pudding. Yum.

Janet said...

You should write a travel book! Is there anyplace you haven't been??

You sure brought back some good memories with that last photo. Back in the 60's I had a little blue Vespa and rode it all around town. I loved it!! Maybe I'll think about getting one again now that I'm in my 60's!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness, Rosa.. What a great trip to Pensacola... That Lucy's Buffet restaurant sounds awesome. I told my hubby about the special Krispy Kream Bread Pudding. That would be worth a trip down there I'm sure!!!! ha

AND--I've never had Fried Mashed Potatoes before. That's interesting.

Beautiful skies, great food and a glorious day... What more could you ask for?????


Pearl said...

Well I had the best time ever reading your post. I almost felt like I was along with you. Great photos...I have to say that I wish I could have had a tast of the bread pudding.
Take good care and be safe traveling.
Sending you hugs,

Jeanie said...

Another fun time -- I'm so glad you take us with you! Great food, fab pix! I'm with you on those sunsets -- definitely inspiring!



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