Friday, May 15, 2009

Gifts from Afar

The hub returned from India last week and brought back goodies for all. I've been busy with more important stuff (my family visiting from VA) so I am a tad behind. The kid received this wonderful coffee table book which I have yet to crack.

Saira, who works in the office with the hub, asked for some photos of what the hub found. She was unable to go on this trip and therefore unable to protect my "interests" in shopping. ha. Saira always makes sure the hub gets the right stuff when traveling to India or Pakistan. But the hub did good on his own this time. (I'm sure the collage--above--helped!) Saira will be proud. I know I sure am.

First, the shawls he found are absolutely breathtaking.

The crewelwork is amazing. Look at these colors--mmmmmmmmm.

And this detail.

He found some nice carved wooden boxes which I love. The teenager already grabbed one. And one was sent to the hub's mother with a beautiful coral necklace tucked away inside. I know how much she loves coral so that was on the list of "things" to look for. A big hit for Mother's Day, of course. (No photo, sorry.)

He found some nice silver bangles and a lot of traditional colorful Indian bracelets to give to the girls in my life.

The traditional bangles are made of glass and are normally worn to signify marriage. When I was about 20, my next-door neighbors were from Pakistan. They made their yearly pilgrimage back home and brought back some of the glass ones. The mother, who we affectionately called "momma" didn't speak English. But her oldest daughter came over one day and said they wanted to give me some bracelets. I had no idea they had to "put" them on me. We all, including their entire family, sat in the back yard where the girls put all these bracelets on me. It was so much fun and I will never forget their thoughtfulness. They are so small that once on, they don't come off until they break. I absolutely loved them and wore them for years. I had about four or five left before my wedding day and had to break them off in order to get my wedding dress sleeve to fit. (I had the tradition all backwards!) I was so sad to have to do that. But I saved the broken pieces.

The night before they left, we filled Kelly's (my niece) arm up with quite a few before realizing they were actually metal. I thought they were glass! She said she and MJ set off all the alarms going through security in the airport. Ooooops. My bad. She took some home to her daughter and I have enough left to go around, believe me.

I'm unable to wear them any more because I have to sleep in wrist guards at night because of my carpal tunnel. Fun. So all bracelets must come off every night. Sux. But aren't they gorgeous???? Next time, they will be glass, right hub??? tehe.

The hub asked a friend where to go for the "good stuff." And this is where they took him.

Good stuff indeed! This is my new ring! Wow. The Indian and Pakistani gold is 22K and has a brilliance to it unlike ours.

Hard to tell from this photo, but you know it when you see it. This is my new ring!

I LOVE it!! It is inlaid with enamel. Gorgeous!

Oh my gosh, and these earrings! Oooooof!! Breathtaking!!

The front and back come apart. I remember once of my first earrings for my "second hole" was from India and it too unscrewed. I'm going to have to find that little earring to go with these.

I love the way they hang.

And, take a look at this piece, will ya? I've been wearing this almost every day. It too is very tight but I can get it on and off with a little hand cream and some patience. Gorgeous.

Thank you hub, you absolutely spoil me rotten. Grin.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What great gifts!

Cheers and have a wonderful weekend,


Linda said...

What beautiful things. I think I am going to India this year. What cities did your husband visit?

Peggy said...

What a wonderful hubby to bring such lovely gifts to such a special lady! Have a great weekend

Snap said...

What treasures! You have him trained well! :D

paris parfait said...

Your husband is a very thoughtful gift-giver! Stunning pieces. That ring and that last bracelet really are extraordinary. Enjoy! xoxox

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Rosa, He did spoil you rotten, didn't he????? What gorgeous stuff. I love those boxes. And the shawls and jewelry are all beautiful...

Does it feel like Christmas in May????

Janet said...

I'd say he did alright finding good stuff! Love the bracelets and the story of the glass ones.

John Ivey said...

That is definitely some gorgeous jewelry!

Anonymous said...

I love the shawls, especially the middle one. They are all lovely.

What a wonderful collection of gifts.


Jeanie said...

I think I need to show this post to Rick to remind him -- shopping is good! These are gorgeous -- each and every one!



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