Monday, May 18, 2009

The Best

Today was a really good day. The kid had a doctor's appointment and it all went very well. We-- the kid and I--had a nice lunch together since it was too late to get him back to school. {We played hookie for a couple of hours, in honesty.}

There's a couple of stores by The Puffy Muffin, where we had lunch, and I drug him through them. Such cute stuff, including the above pink faery man. (I found some by the same artist in Atlanta for Christmas.) The eyes always remind me of my father's twinkling blues. Precious. I was eying these wonderful hats but the price tags were a tad steep for my taste. One looked marvelous on me (with the blue bow); but at $170, I ever-so-gently put it back on the rack! Ouch!

And take a look at these "rain" boots. Yea, I can see myself wearing these healed beauties in mud puddles! NOT! lol I'll stick with my Wellies, thank you very much!

I was lurving these shoes though. Not that I would wear them either, mind you. But they are adorable! The heels were so funky! I'm always drawn towards da funk. I'd be wobbling all over the place in them. tehe.

After driving the kid a tad crazy in these shops, we headed to mom's. She was in really good spirits today.

The weather was absolutely perfect in every way. No humidity, a cool 70ºƒ with a breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Loverly. We spent over an hour outside enjoying ourselves until it was time the nurse needed her back inside in order to take her vitals. Booo hiss.

She had been to the beauty parlor and they did her nails. How sweet.

Then I remembered why we never do our nails. LOL! We're the same, her and I. I dig and peel at mine too which drives me berserk! She'd already started on her thumb which just cracked us up! Before we had to go back inside, we were even able to coax her into singing again and the kid taped it. Just the bestest.

We finally made it home after stopping by the grocers to pick up dinner. Today was the teenager's first day back at work so we had to go and harass him. I don't normally shop at his store, but I thought it was only proper to mess with him his first day back. Such a sweet mom, I am. I had planted these seeds less than a week ago and they seemed to pop up over night. Too bad I forgot what they were. lol. They may be zinnias? Hmmmm. Guess I'll put them outside and see what happens.

Then, I noticed the side magnolia has blooms on it! It's been the sickly one over the years and I believe this is the best it has ever looked since we planted the pitiful thing.

Oh my. The scent is amazing. It almost smells like ginger. Heavenly.

Very lotus like. Ommmmmm.


Yes, it was the very best of days indeed.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like a perfect day, Rosa... Your mother was beaming!!!!! Love that picture of the two of you...You should frame that one.

I love magnolia blossoms. I used to pick one in the park (when I lived in Texas) --and take it back to my office. OH--it smelled so good...


Linda said...

My old magnolia tree blossoms smelled lemony. They are lovely trees but they sure are messy.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful day! Very pleasant!



Queenly Things said...

I love those shoes - wish I could see my way to wearing them but it's all comfort, all the time, for me. Such an ol' fogey, huh?

Janet said...

You are the very posting beautiful photos. Those shoes are fab! If I was younger I might have to try them. Now I just go for the comfort!!

You certainly did have a wonderful day. You make me smile.

PEA said...

Oh, Rosa, it did indeed sound like a perfect day:-) I remember harrassing my boys at work when they were working around here while going to you say, we're such good moms. hehe Those hats and boots are all so gorgeous but then so are the prices!! Love seeing your mom smile like that, she really does look happy where she is. I can't keep nail polish on either! lol

Such a beautiful magnolia bloom, I can just imagine how lovely it smelled. We can't grow those here, drats!! xoxo

trisha too said...

that was a great day! i totally needed one, too, thank you for sharing that!!

(i pick the paint off, too . . .)

Pearl said...

Lunch, shopping and your mom sounds like a most wonderful day.
Glad your son had a good doctor's visit.

Take good care,

Jeanie said...

Oh, those hats! Divine! And so is that fabulous photo of you and your mom. That one is definitely a keeper.

Good news with the doc!



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