Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Love of Family

I will have to post more later but wanted to share some photos first. Mother's Day with Mary Jane, my SIL, Kelly, my niece and mom. Awwww.

Mother's Day brunch at the new 1808 Grille in town.

Our pre-Mother's Day dinner party at the Viking store with Sherrie, myself, MJ and Kell. I got everyone a cute new apron to wear at Bujiboo's on Etsy.. The chef first said "There are no cutesy aprons allowed in MY kitchen!" ha. Then after he got to know us, he said "ok." He was a doll. Will post more on that later.

MJ and Kelly are leaving early in the morning to head home. I'm not going to discuss that. sniffle.


Beth said...

Awh, those are some great photos. I wish I could have met MJ this time. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Snap said...

Great photos and what fun!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice photos and great day!



Jeanie said...

Wonderful photos -- you look so happy and having such a grand time! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The first thing I noticed were those cute aprons! It all sounds quite wonderful, and to look at the smiles on your faces...it has been indeed!

xo Lena

PEA said...

Awwww, it is very sad when such wonderful guests have to leave:-( Sounds like you all had a lovely Mother's Day, though, and I just love all the pictures, your mom looks so happy in that first one:-) xoxo

John Ivey said...

Four mothers on Mother's Day -- what a delightful photo! Everyone looks great.

robin bird said...

you cute thing you! i am loving that 1920s poster girl style apron you are wearing! that is a sweet photo of all you girls there with your mom too :) i just saw the post you put up in April to say you are thinking about me and other of our troubled blogging friends. thank you sweet rosa. i hope your mom is able to stay where she is.. as long as you think it is the best place for her.




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