Monday, May 25, 2009


K, Blogger has finally found a way to charge for posting. I just tried to put a new post up and it tells me my Picasso account is full. I need to pay for more storage for photos. WHA????

That sux.


Peggy said...

surely they aren't going to do that. If so that sucks! Could you delete some of the photos stored in Picasso?

Nashvlkat said...

When I click on one of your images that you have posted, it comes up on my screen much larger than it is shown on the posting. Those large images are taking up a bunch of your allotted online space (even though they are beautiful and sometimes I like a closer look at things). Sounds like you may have to delete old postings, spend alot of time revising the image size of things you have posted, or pay up. None of the options are going to be that easy, I'm sure.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hmmmmmmm---I didn't know there was a limit. Wonder where you can look to find out what your limit is???? I've got alot of photos on there--so maybe I'll be NEXT.

Thanks for the info...

Snap said...

You've obviously been at this blogging stuff too long if *they* think you've used up all your photo space! Perhaps you can delete some of the earlier photos (2005/06)?? But I thought that's why we were doing this! You figure it out for us! ;D

Janet said...

Yep, they do that! That's why most of my images are posted at a smaller size.



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