Monday, May 25, 2009

Bon Secour, AL

We took a little drive yesterday to Bon Secour. It's so pretty there. It's pretty everywhere down here, really.

"Bon Secour has a rich history. It was originally a French fishing village settlement dating back to the late 19th century. Currently it is a Southern gothic, waterfront community that serves as a safe harbor to a current commercial fishing fleet. Named by Jacques Cook, a French Canadian from Montreal, a member of Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville's colonizing expedition of 1699. He was a participant in the founding of Mobile in 1702. There are several major seafood industry businesses currently operating out of the Bon Secour estuary. Bon Secour Fisheries, Safe Harbor Seafood, Aquilla Seafood and Billy's Seafood all ship large quantities of Gulf of Mexico seafood to all areas of the United States. Bon Secour Fisheries is the oldest and biggest of them all, having been operating since the 1890s. The primary catch for the Bon Secour fishing fleet ranges from Mobile Bay shrimp to deep water "Royal Red" shrimp. Large shrimp boats line the shores of the Bon Secour River, docked at processing plants for packaging and shipment to all of America. One main point of pride within the community is the "Alabama Wild Shrimp Program". Because wild shrimp caught by the local fleet must compete with farmed shrimp from overseas, economic pressures have driven many, multi-generational shrimpers out of the business. As a result, the local shrimpers, along with shrimpers out of the Mobile area have formed an alliance, increased their marketing, public relations knowledge and efforts to brand Alabama, Wild Caught Shrimp. Their efforts have paid off. Marine science has indeed proven that wild-caught shrimp from local waters are in fact less likely to contain contaminates than the farm-raised shrimp that have been imported from other countries. Still, the commercial shrimping industry in Bon Secour is hanging on by a very thin line."
Our neighbor Dar told us the best place to get fresh shrimp and so this is where we headed. Well, the markets were closed on Sunday. Oy. No problem. It was still a gorgeous day to be out, as you can see.

I love watching pelicans and seagulls.

Did someone say oysters? Lotsa oysters have obviously been shucked here!

I loved the old crab pot in the river.

They've got ya covered here, whatever your needs are.

We spied a restaurant down the road, The Tin Top, so we stopped for some afternoon libations and shrimp before heading back home.

Stanley was busy shucking oysters and we had the best time chatting it up. He even passed one (ew) to the hub to try. Fresh in from Louisiana.

The hub said they were so good. Uh, no thank you. The spiced shrimp were very good and we decided to give it try for dinner and came back later.

They did not let us down. This is our new FAVORITE restaurant in all of 'bama. Oh my. (Watch out bubba!) The hub began with some type of cooked oysters with taso. Of course, they were delish.

I ordered the spicy shrimp, of course. Yummy. With Gouda grits on the side, oh yes, for Val. The kid had the best shrimp pasta alfreda we all had ever tasted. Yummmmmm.

The hub ordered the steamed platter. Mmmmmm. In addition, I have to add that they had the very best Pina Colada I've had since visiting Puerto Rico and the triple chocolate pie was just like eating a creamed Oreo pie. It was sinful. It all was sinful and we're still boasting on everything today!

We're all in heaven.



Queenly Things said...

I think I've died and gone to heaven!!!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for the great post!



MarkMcL said...

I love the seafood you get along the gulf coast. We ate so many "mudbugs" in NOLA and had a great time.

Beth said...

Now you just stop it! You making me hungrrrrryyyyy. Looks so yummy!
So pretty there for sure too!

Snap said...

I agree with Queenly Things ...I've died and gone to heaven, too! Glad the pictures are back and thanks for taking us with you on all your adventures!

Janet said...

I was thinking about having crickets and a Coke until I saw what you had....then I changed my mind!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yum---sounds like a wonderful restaurant, Rosa. We had some delicious FRESH seafood while in NC on vacation...SO---I know what you are talking about. YUMMMMMMMMY.

Bon Secour looks like a neat place to go. Glad you all had such a marvelous day.


Pearl said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day. All that yummy food sure makes the trip a good one too!!!

Hope you are doing well.
Sending you hugs,



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