Monday, April 07, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nuthin'

There's really not a whole lot happening around here. Spring is still springing and my allergies are running amuck. That's about it.

As you can see, my grape hyacinths came in quite abundantly this year. There are purple mounds everywhere! This is the front walkway. As you can see, the azaleas are taking their sweet little time in blooming this year. Last year, they bloomed early and then we had a hard freeze which just about did them in. Taking a little more precaution this year, I'd say.

My hydrangea didn't bloom last year, so I decided to try an experiment. I didn't cut them back last fall or early this spring. Let's see what happens come late summer, shall we? I didn't cut the grape hyacinths back either and look at them flourish. Hmmmm.

There's a little more growth happening. The holly is looking especially fresh.

New bulbs are continuing to pop up almost every day.

Our first tiny tulip. Wonder where the rest are????

I tell you, my allergies are sure getting the best of me. After taking zyrtec and singular, I feel better. Guess it wasn't a cold after all.

We're having a roast chicken for dinner. It's "resting" while I type this. Just about ready to carve and serve. Yum.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I KNOW where my bulbs are...the bunnies or the rodents have dug them up and had themselves a very expensive meal! Perennials are just beginning to peek out here in Michigan, but can't wait to see what has made it thru the harsh winter we had.
Don't you just love roast chicken?

Anonymous said...

I love following your garden! So enjoyable to seeall your bulbs, and plants apparing now in Spring time :-) (And you have to stop posting all those delicious meals of yours!! ;-) I'm drooling for that roast chicken!!!)

Peggy said...

Everything looks beautiful. Enjoyed seeing your bloomers! LOL
Now I must find something to eat as your roast chicken made me drool. :)

Pearl said...

You have some the start of some pretty color...Tulips are just so beautiful. Wish they would stay around longer than they do.
I am sure you enjoyed your chicken cause it looks yummy.

Hope you feel better very soon.


Vallen said...

There's not much better than a roasted chicken for dinner - crispy and golden and - I'm getting hungry.

robin bird said...

goodness that looks tasty! the fluers are a welcome site... we continue to be drowned in hail and rain alternating with cold and wind. It hasn't stopped Avalon from moving into full blown spring though weeds and all!

Jeanie said...

How do you make a "whole lot of nothing" look so darned glorious?! The chickie bird looks terrific!

Beth said...

Girl, you know middle TN will just kill you in the spring with the tree pollen. My allergies have been bad too, but I am still going outside,duh. Your flowers are looking great! Yummy looking chicken too!!!



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