Thursday, April 10, 2008


To those of you growing up in the 50s or 60s watching campy horror films late at night on tiny black and white television sets, you'll know all about THEM.

To my dismay, upon returning from San Diego, I discovered ants crawling in the laundry room. They had a bee line right to the pantry where I keep the cat food, little buggers. They were in much disarray at the time, so I swept them up and then watched to see where the next crew would be coming from. Looked to be from behind he refrigerator. Ew. And so, I had to remove all the flower vases (gobs of them) that I store up there and pull the big ol' sucker out. Thank goodness, they weren't coming from there. But, ew, what a mess. I hadn't cleaned back there since the fridge was placed there when we moved in in 2004. Again, ew.

I left them for a little bit allowing them to congregate a little better. When I returned I found they were coming from underneath the shoe molding next to the refrigerator. So I went to the basement prepared to find THEM lurking behind the forbidden door. Nothing. Thank goodness. I never go in the storage area of the basement, so I truly was prepared to find a nest the size of a small village waiting there for me, ala THEM.

I spread my Buhach across the molding and it seems to be doing the trick. Oh yea, that along with shards of glass from dropping and breaking the animal's bottle of Rescue Remedy while pulling something out of the cabinet above (and it was the extra large expensive bottle!). Well, perhaps they died happy with a sip or two of the Rescue Remedy. Perhaps they didn't' even know they were dying, they felt so happy and in love with everything.

I love this stuff. I use it all around the thresholds of the basement doors during the summer months to keep critters from coming in. I despise chemicals; but I am afraid I may have to call an exterminator if these ants continue. I find it strange that the place where they are entering is a full six or seven feet away from an outside wall. That worries me.

Does anyone know of a "natural" exterminating company? I shudder at the thought of what they're really doing behind that molding. Cringe.


robin bird said...

i HATE ants. we do battle all the time me and those ants. i mean i HATE HATE them big HATE. strong words i know. but i think they are stinky and pushy and bossy. and frankly they are a lot like squirrels. they drag their food all over the place and hide it.
i hope you managed to kill them all.

PEA said...

Ugh! THEM!!! I get THEM here too every year, just when summer starts! The darn things usually appear downstairs in my laundry room and it takes a few drops of this ant poison that I bought to get rid of them. I've never seen the powder you have, I guess it's not available in Canada. Only once did I ever have them upstairs in one of the bedrooms when the boys were small...a candy dropped under the bed was the culprit! lol Hope you're able to get rid of them sooner than later! xox

kansasrose said...

I watched that movie a few months ago! It scared the beejeebers outta me when I was a kid.

I detest ants too! 'THEM' are back in my kitchen. Every spring they show up around the kitchen sink. I douse them with chlorox and leave a few alive to go back and tell the "others" that it is hostile territory by the old lady's sink. I'll have to try that powder.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

They've invaded my office coffee corner with a vengeance. Trouble is the ant powder looks a bit like sweetener so I might kill some colleagues by accident if I'm not careful!

Vallen said...

Mint oil or extract seems to keep them at bay and makes everything smell yummy.

Jeanie said...

Ants are making Rick crazy. Where do you get your magic powder? I hate ants so very much -- I hope you are successful. You have my deepest sympathy!



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