Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Hub

Old. The old man is old(er). Poor old guy.

But we all still love him to bits.


Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday to Bob! I wish I was still as young as he is!

Lovely cake!

Enjoy your wonderful celebration!

Pearl said...

Happy 50th to your husband. Hope he has a wonderful birthday.


robin-bird said...

now that is a fabulous and tasty looking cake you have there bob!! you lucky dog you!

Beth said...

Dan turned 50 in Dec. so he can commiserate with Bob! Hope to talk to you soon Girl Friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the best to the best....Happy 50th dear Bob. I still say you don't look your age!! It's just another number, right? Hope you celebrated your b-day in style and with Rosa and the boys by your side, I am sure that it was a day to remember.



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