Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Day at the Doctor's

Mom had her doctor's appointment yesterday. Since it was a late afternoon appointment, we went to Ihop down the road from the office. Mom hadn't been out for lunch since before Christmas, so this was a real treat for her. You wouldn't know it from the above photo though. I don't think she knew I was taking a picture. Being the ultimate photographer's wife/model for many decades, she knows to smile whenever a camera is whipped out. Mom had her usual multi-grain pancakes and I had my grits.

Afterwards, we made our way slowly to the doctor's office. We arrived a little early and there was no one in the place, always a good sign--to me anyway. I know there aren't as many germs floating around when the waiting room is empty. I'll soon be called Howard Hughes if I keep this germ phobia going. Mom was patient for all of about five minutes.

Then she began looking at her watch and rolling her eyes. As if she has an urgent meeting afterwards to attend. She has always been impatient about waiting--for anything! I fear I received the same gene when they were being passed out. The poor hub.

I shot this of my favorite hospital across the street. I tell you, they sure did right by me when I had my hysterectomy seven years ago. Everyone who works there are some of the kindest folks I have ever met. We are so fortunate to have such good medical care in Nashville. A couple of blocks down the street is Vanderbilt Hospital. Another good facility.

When the doctor came in, mom just grinned from ear to ear. I have to say that I probably did also. Not too bad on the eyes, if you get my drift. (wink wink) He's the hub's doctor also, so he knows where I'm coming from. ha. He looked her over and we discussed the past six months since our last visit. I felt she had become more focused in the past several weeks even though she is still unable to make much conversation. He was happy to hear that she was doing so well. He was going to give her a B12 shot, but I told him that she hadn't had one since before Christmas but that I had been giving her B12 complex vitamins. We were both interested to see if her body was absorbing it orally. He added that to the blood test. He told me that if she still needed injections of the B12, that he would write me an Rx so I could give it to her rather than having to drive into the city. Yay!

Today, the office phoned to say everything looked good. Her B12 levels were stable, her thyroid was in the normal range, her liver looked good but her blood sugar was a little elevated. When I told the nurse that she had just eaten pancakes not more than an hour before the blood was drawn, she felt confident that was the cause. Duh, that wasn't so smart on my part, now was it. So, now mom is set for another four months before we go back to have her follow up. I'm so relieved she is doing so well. PTL.

Now that I'm am relieved with my own mom, I feel so badly for Beth's mom, Lottie. She is back in the hospital after having problems breathing last Friday. She is having some heart problems as well. Poor Lottie, and Beth, have been through so much following Lottie's back surgery. The doctor is now saying it did little if nothing to help with her pain. Lottie is now in more pain than before the operation. I always wish there was more I could do to help people who are suffering. All I can do is pray that Lottie's stay in the hospital will make her well enough to get home and get back to recuperating from her surgery. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers if you can.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm so glad your Mom's in good health!
Sorry to hear about Lottie and Beth! I'll be keeping them in my thoughts...



robin bird said...

your mom looks to be quite spry at 84. like my dad she is quite thin so i;m glad she enjoyed her pancakes :) all i can say rosa is what i have said already. she is so fortunate to have a loving child willing to take care of her. i know it is in return for her taking care of you too :)

lottie and beth are in my prayers daily.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Praise God for the good report! Your mom is lovely, Rosa! And she is very blessed to have a daughter such as yourself to care for her. Extra blessings and patience for you today!

Beth said...

Your Mom looks great and so glad to hear about her wonderful report.
Thanks for the post about my Mom,,I am hoping I can get her up and about soon.
Luv Ya Girl!!!

Jeanie said...

Your mom looks great! So glad you had a nice day together, what with the doc and all. And especially glad the report is a good one. Three cheers! (Prayers headed Beth and Lottie's way, too!)

Pearl said...

Your mom is so pretty and I love her outfit. Happy to hear her health is better. I wish her all the best.

My prayers are with Lottie.




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