Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Eyes Have It

I had my every-two-year eye exam today. Decided to change doctors. So glad I did.

Remember the puff of air to check for glaucoma? They don't do that anymore. At least my new opthamologist doesn't. Hmmmm. I bet my old doctor still does--old being the key word there. Phew, I'm glad they have come up with something better. They put a few drops in my eyes to numb them then took a little pen-like thing and come right up to the eye with it. It beeps at a couple of spots. Then, boom, done. Everything looked good. Yay.

I asked about contact lenses because I despise wearing glasses to the beach. Absolutely despise it. (Almost the season, isn't it?) And so, voila, contacts. Well, with that being said, I got the daily disposable ones since I won't be wearing them regularly. So I opted out of the bifocal type. But, of course, at my age, I do need bifocals. Gee whiz. I had to go out afterwards and buy reading glasses. They make them so darn cute though, I didn't really mind. I picked up two cheapies. One for the car and one in the house. I truly do need them to read. My arms just aren't quite long enough any more. Pffft.

Of course, I ordered new glasses with my slightly stronger prescription. Kinda funky, as usual. Can't wait to get them. So, I'm sitting there with this really fantastic optometrist who is just the best at picking great glasses for my fat face; and he says "Did you know you have two different colored eyes?" Well, I kinda did, but I didn't know they were that noticeable. In fact, way back when in art class, I did notice the difference when we had to do a self portrait in pastels. There was definitely one having a little more green--chartreuse to be exact. But, just now, when I took the picture of my new "readers," I noticed they have changed even more. Wonder if one is getting darker or the other is getting lighter? I'm sure I'll ponder that thought as I try to fall asleep tonight.



Funky, huh. Just call me David Bowie. Well, I suppose they're not that different.


Linda said...

For years I wore just one contact for distance and used the other eye for reading. All of the sudden I can't wear the contact so am back to glasses which I hate but I gotta see.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Are you asking your readers for a second opinion Rosa?

Alas must confess my iridology skills were somewhat non-existent last time I looked! :-)

Must say I'm surprised you have eye tests as often as every six months. I think I've had about one in my lifetime so far. But touch wood, I seem to have reasonable vision to date and they do say that it's a bad idea to get glasses any sooner than you have to as it can encourage the eyes to grow lazy if they don't really need them, thus increasing the prescription strength needed on subsequent checks-ups more quickly than nature might intend. I've also heard this said about dentists - that those who get check-ups the most often can end up with the most fillings! Mind you, my dentist is so busy, I hardly think she needs any extra work.

Beth said...

Yay for you! I want contacts too but having 2 houses to pay for right now is killing that so I will probably just get new glasses.
I never noticed that your eyes were different colors but I think thats cool,,can I call you Ziggy?

Janet said...

I've been hearing about some new contacts that are good for near, far, and in-between....if they're any good, I'd love to have them. I wore contacts for years but when I started having to use readers it got to be a hassle and I just went with glasses. My eyes are the same color but on different levels! It just makes us unique!! Great photos of your eyes.

Rosa said...

**Sorry everyone, I meant every two years! Geesh. I've since corrected my time error.

Honest to Ya~Ya said... are too cute! ♥

I thought about looking into contacts myself (for the cruise) I mean there is so many cute sunglasses...but alas I'm chicken...I've never felt like I could stick that small piece of plastic into each eye daily...and honey...I'm "tri" focals...sigh!!

The one eye is hazel and the other is more brown...neato!! ☺

Pearl said...

I must be the only person on earth who really loves glasses. I get so excited to pick out a new pair. I always try to get something a little funky. When I was younger I got to be a little more that I am older I don't want to look like some old lady trying to be young.

I think your eyes are beautiful.


robin bird said...

i smiled reading this post rosa for many reasons not the least of which is how cute you look in a close-up. you have almost no wrinkles and a really cute smile. i hate wearing glasses but like pearl above i love glasses too. the idea of glasses is much better though than the fact of glasses. it all becomes such a tangled mess what with taking them off to read or to look through my camera lens, to changing into the pair i wear to see the computer to setting those down and looking for the sunglasses when i go out. and i never wear reading glasses because my vision (distance) is so poor it compensates for the close-up poorness when i take toff my regular glasses. ok enough. i can't wait to see you new glasses :) the readers you have on there are look quite nice on you :)



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