Friday, April 04, 2008

On Travel

I found this book, A Travel Blessing, in San Diego. It has tender little quotes throughout.

It's still raining here and I'm loving it. It's a good soaking rain.

Feel like I'm getting a cold so I'm laying low for a bit. Perhaps that's why I've been so tired. Hurray for the weekend!


Jeanie said...


Raining here, too -- alas. (Although I do love to hear it.)

Do hope the cold doesn't materialize -- at least full-strength. Hang in there! Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are coming down with a must be that change in weather from the West Coast back to the East Coast. You be sure to take care of we don't like to see our Rosa down and out with a cold.

Talk to ya soon....
Your SIL

robin bird said...

oh i do hope you don't get sick! but i love your attitude about the rain. we had hail here again today and although i love my avalon i am enjoying the last of the indoor rhythm. quiet, reading, cooking. once the sun truly comes out i will be all out avalon tending! i must move dow the page to see what these green treasures are on your page...




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