Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mommy. Mommy?

Poor little boo.

The teenager and I met in the driveway when he came home from school. It just so happened that we arrived home at the same time. He called me over to the car with a face that tells you something is wrong. I didn't know if I wanted to see what he was looking down at. I had found feathers in the front yard just a couple of days ago.

Poor little boo. This little robin was sitting there all alone. I looked around for a nest but didn't see one. Then the teenager told me to look a little closer. It looked like his little left leg was broken as it was just hanging behind him. Aw, poor little boo.

Remember my Earth Day post? Remember the little shelter that could? Walden's Puddle was one of my favorite booths in that day as it is a shelter for orphaned or injured wild animals. Well, you know, there is always a reason for everything. I think I was sent there that day if for no other reason than to hear about this shelter. I would not have had any idea what to do with the little feller' if we hadn't gone that day.

Of course I called and told them about him, Robby, I named him. They told me to bring him on out. Well, I had one of mom's old, and I do mean old, flannel nightgown's in the laundry room, so I used that as Robby's warm nest. The teenager picked him up and placed him in the box and he seemed so relieved to be out of the hot sun. As soon as he was snuggled in the flannel, he opened his mouth to be fed. I have no idea how long the poor guy had been out there wobbling around so I looked online to see if I could give him a couple of bites of something or some water, anything. I found a site that said do NOT give them water. Rather, take a morsel of dry cat food (had it) and moisten it with water. Then take a tooth pick, and get a little blob and when the bird opens his beak, you put it down his throat. I was so worried that he had been out all day with no food and I wanted to make sure he made it to Walden's puddle and not die on us in the car. Phew! He seemed ready to take it in.

As soon as the kid arrived home, we jumped in the car and headed northeast about 30 miles from here. Another adventure. I think Robby slept the entire way. It was a beautiful drive, again. We have such beautiful country here. You would have never known we were barely 15 miles outside the city. We even had to cross a little creek to get over to Walden's neck of the woods. It was so pretty.

They had several animals in the shelter itself, including the opossum we had met on Earth Day and this little guy, a beautiful fox squirrel. His tail looked just like a fox. The vet took a look at Robby and said his leg wasn't broken at all, it was dislocated. Seems the mothers shoo them out from some high places sometimes. If they don't fly, then they normally get injured in the fall. Poor little Robby. She said he would be fine. Yay! Isn't that just wonderful!

We felt good driving home. It's a small miracle I hadn't let the cats out today. Dave would have surely done Robby in. Here's our Nashville skyline.

Life is good. Indeed, it is.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Poor little Robby! At least, it's good to know that there are such kind people like you around...

You live in a beautiful place! That creek looks lovely and I love the Nashville skyline...



Peggy said...

So happy Robby is going to make it! My eldest daughter does wildlife rescue for Cocke county. Right now she has 2 baby groundhogs. I love visiting because the released animals always come out of the woods in the evening for a treat from her and the grands. Its like visiting grizzly adams. LOL She lives on top of a mountain so gets to release there.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story, and I'm thrilled it was a good ending to it. You have a good heart Rosa :-)

GreenishLady said...

Well done! Robby chose just the right spot to make his crash-landing. Hope he will be well.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

There are surely extra jewels put into your heavenly crown for caring for a poor defenceless creature!!

That creek is soooo pretty...I would love to wade in it!

Have a great day!☼

AnnieElf said...

What a tender and heartwarming story. It reminds me so much of similar events when my children were young. Young ones just seem to find young critters in need, don't they.

Beth said...

Oh Poor Robby! That was wonderful that he is going to be ok. I found some baby bunnies at a school I was working at about 10 years ago and I took them to Waldens Puddle too. That is a awesome place!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Yikes! We have chased our cats away from too many baby bunnies, baby ducks, and baby birds. Just yesterday Fuzzy gave chase to the cutest tiny bunny. I then gave chase to Fuzzy, who had finally scared the poor bunny into the pond! AAAGGHH! He got out on his own and took off, hopefully for safer ground. And Fuzzy got a yellin' at, tho he is only doing what his instincts tell him.

PEA said...

That little birdie will live because of your caring:-) How wonderful that you had just recently learned about that shelter so knew to bring it there. I'll have to find out if we have a place like that over here because so often I find injured birds. Love the pictures you took during your drive there...my kind of place:-)

I'm still giggling over the pictures of Bella drinking water from the tap...what a kitty! hehe

I read your friendship post with great interest because I'm very much feeling like you. I've never had a problem with being independent and a loner...but as I get older it just seems to get a bit more lonelier. I think that's why I feel so blessed to have all of you here online to talk to:-) xoxo

robin-bird said...

rosa i adore this post! what a delightful and unexpected surprise to read about your kind hearted efforts to save a little feathery life! i have been so distressed by some of the news in the world and this is the healing moment i needed today. there is always good in this world. thank you for saving little Robby. it feels kinda close to home :)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

What a heartwarming story. And what fabulous pictures! Thank you.



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