Friday, April 25, 2008

Last of the Lilacs

I've been eyeing the little lilac bushes from afar and just hadn't gone in the back yard to pick the pretty blooms. That is, until just now. What a waste to not bring a couple in to fill the room with that beautiful bouquet. When we were moving from Virginia, mom rooted me a couple of sprouts from her lilac bushes. I'm so happy she did. I really didn't have time to do any digging when we sold her house. Now I have a piece of home right here in our back yard.

Pretty little arrangement.

While I was out, I spied a robin digging for worms. I snapped a few pictures of him by the willow tree. The first one, I captured him although he still is kind of hard to see in the right hand corner.

Then, I took this, trying to get a better shot. ha. Didn't even get close to the ground! I don't know about these contacts. lol. Think I will definitely keep them for the beach, but that's about it. I'm spending way too much time pulling the reading glasses off my head in order to function. Ugh. I can't even "think" in thee things. They make me all warpy.

It's hard for me to tell what is in focus and what's not. Sorry.


GreenishLady said...

I love lilacs, and I love knowing the provenance of plants in your garden - carrying on pieces from your Mom's garden is lovely. I won't have lilacs this year, as mine just got an over-enthusiastic hard pruning. Next year, maybe it will be back.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I adore lilacs! ☺

Storybook Woods said...

Oh I think they are beautiful pictures. I do not have enough sun for licas. I loved seeing yours. Clarice

robin bird said...

oh see! (not a play on words) i wrote a comment in your last post first so i didn't realize you were feeling all headachey and blurry! my contacts are the worst at all of this. i wear two completely different prescriptions for each eye and that is supposed to make me see half as good in each and almost as good if i open them both up. ridiculous. the best i have done is to wear the contacts at the beach as you said and then i have a pair of sunglasses that correct the alternate corrections so i can see perfectly with those on!! doesn't all that make a world of sense!

and the lilacs well they are simply beautiful and having them from your mom's house makes them all that much better. do they have a lovely scent? one of mine does and one doesn't. the scent of lilacs is of course intoxicating.
p.s. i don't know what is wrong with me. i am posting as though i am writing a book. sorry dear.

Vallen said...

I miss lilacs. We had a bush right outside my bedroom window when I was a kid. They scent has always captivated me. They were just the same color as yours, too. Gorgeous!!



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