Sunday, February 19, 2006

Melancholy in Nashville

I'm feeling a little homesick today. "Oy, I'm getting a little farklempt, talk amongst yourselfs." I've been surfing the blog world all morning and I keep ending up on DC blogs. They're just tearing me up--that along with a beautiful photo Shelley--aka Reflections in a Teacup--posted of her mother-in-law that truly touched me.

I usually check in on my fellow favorite bloggers to see what's going on in their worlds. (Ann, where are you??? We miss you and need some good grub recipes!) I have a couple of DC blogs that I like to read especially related to food, of course. This morning, I started looking at their favorite links and then their favorites and so on and so on. Stop the madness Rosa! I ended up with so many new links that my mind is buzzing and my heart crying. I found this awesome site that you have to check out. It's called Daily Candy, and they have links to several cities. Of course, this one is linked to DC. Just the front illustration alone brought a tear to my eye. Yep, that's me (many years ago, true)! Right there on the Mall, Minolta on wrist, Washington Post in hand, a misplaced Cherry Blossom and dog--definitely not mine. (I love this artist!)

There are just so many wonderful things about Washington. Nashville is such a sweet little town, and I don't want to take away from that. I remember when DC was that sweet little town itself. With that being said, I will stop. Yes, I can talk about how I feel Nashville is almost culturally void with no diversity (but getting better!); but the truth is, I can't say that it is. I mean, I lived--LIVED and BREATHED--DC for over 40 years. I have only been in Nashville for a little over five. I live in the suburbs in my own little "golden" world, two perfect kids, the perfect husband. What do I know about diverse Nashville? I haven't truly LIVED it, have I? Now If I were young again and actually spent time in the city, then I could speak on the subject. But, I'm not, I haven't, so I won't.

I'm happy and thankful that I do live here. I do love it. But, it's not my home, yet. One day, it may be just that. It is up to my heart. I believe I'm fortunate to know how much I love DC. When you live in one place all your life, you don't truly understand and appreciate all that is under your nose. It's just naturally taken for granted. Of course, you can enjoy it and love it but still not truly appreciate what it offers. I remember at a very young age when the family traveled each summer to points South how I could distinctly see the differences in people, their lifestyles, and their lives. It fascinated me, and I came to appreciate how differently people lived. We, as children, were fortunate in that respect. Our parents dragged us everywhere. I can say that I didn't like it at the time, but I do appreciate it now. We weren't stifled intellectually by only knowing one geographic area, one way of life, one type of person. Yes, we pretty much stayed in the Southern area of the United States, but how different it was from the DC area. It was always good to get home to what I knew best.

I guess a lot has to do with just that. What you know best. Sniffle, sniffle. What I know best is that I miss my family there, my friends, I miss the architecture, the restaurants, the neighborhoods, the people. I'll have to get back soon. DC is calling me home--if only for a visit. smile


John Ivey said...

Yo Sista,

Wow, Rosie, you really be homesick, huh? Well then, you better drag yo scrawny ass on up here then! Don't forget Mama.

Yo Bruva

Bud said...

Nashville is a beautiful town. Don't know what area you're in. I spend a year in school there about 40 something years ago.



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