Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

The King Cake was oh-so horrible!! OMG! I think someone mistook bacon grease and black pepper for butter and cinnamon. EW. It was really bad. The brioche dough was good, it was just the center. It almost made me ill first thing in the morning! I had to call Merridee's and let them know someone definitely made a mistake with this one. And....we have yet to find the baby! No King or Queen today.

The kid took all his beads to school; but being in middle school and a pre-teen, he only wore a few out of all these. Of course, I did better than he did. I wore all of mine. I took mom to Ihop for breakfast--free pancakes on Fat Tuesday! Hey, they don't call it FAT for nuthin'.

Thank goodness, the red beans & rice turned out better than the cake. They're really easy to make, just a long cooking time. I actually had to cook them longer because I did cover the pot for a while, I had to leave for 1/2 an hour. I didn't want the piggy cat to get in there and boil herself trying to steal the ham bone.

My biegnets never turn out as good as Cafe Du Monde's, of course. I'm not good at pastries. Some of them puffed, most didn't--which is a good thing.

You only need to eat one; which means, four out of 10 is just right!

Phew, we're all stuffed and looking forward to fasting tomorrow. It all makes sense now.


Bud said...

I love those biegnets. Can't take that chickory coffee tho.

Shell said...

I think I'm coming to your house to live! The stuff you cook is magnificent!!

Rosa said...

Hi Bud, I prefer a mild coffee myself and I'd rather have real biegnets against mine any day!

Hi Shelley, c'mon over any time!! You cook for me, I'll cook for you!



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