Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I'm off today from Jury Duty, yahoo. I was "tagged" for the next two weeks, today being my first day. I call a number the evening before to see if my "lot" is needed. It wasn't today, so that was my gift from above for Valentine's.

You must go visit Shelley's blog, especially the entry linked here. She has the most wonderful traditions. Please read her latest post on the origins for Valentine's Day while you're there. I have yet to try any of her recipes, but they all look so yummy.

Off to run errands. Will post later when I get to making my cards. (I went out yesterday to an antique store and purchased a couple old Valentine post cards to make into something.....don't know what yet!) As usual, waiting 'til the last minute!! Arrivederci, i miei amori piccoli.

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