Sunday, February 05, 2006

21 Super Bowls Ago Today

In a far, far land, 21 Super Bowls ago, lived a young fair maiden and a dark handsome stranger...... (I couldn't resist, sorry.)

Kidding aside, it was 21 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday that the pre-hub and I had our first date. Needless to say, we missed the entire game that year! Instead we went antiquing for art deco, both of our passions at the time. His favorite haunt was Kensington, Maryland, a quaint little town up Connecticut Avenue just outside DC.

We found a gorgeous dining room suite (art deco, of course) that was a bargain. This was just before deco really hit big so bargains were still easy to find. We went back and forth on if we should buy this set, thinking we could split it up. I think I would have received the better end of the deal with the table, chairs and china cabinet, he with the two buffets. Well, we decided against it, I mean, it was our FIRST date! In hindsight......DUMB MOVE! ha. We would have had a beautiful set today if we had been less prudent. Oh well.

That afternoon, we went back to Old Town Alexandria where he lived and had a delicious German dinner. It was so much fun and so comfy being together. It was the beginning of a full-blown office romance. And it did move quite fast.

It's so much fun thinking about those first days of our lives together. I have to say, I knew right away that he was the "one" and I prayed he felt the same. Obviously, he did. (blush)

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