Thursday, February 09, 2006

It Was a LUSH-Kinda Night

. . . . or was it a Calgon moment? It was so cold last night, I decided to draw myself a bath to warm the bones. And, of course, it was not your regular kind of bath. I figure it's such an ordeal to prepare a bath these days, for me anyway (and clean up the huge "soaking" tubs of today), I may as well make it worth my while. Ever since I found LUSH, I've been addicted to the stuff. I put in a bomb (for the effervescence), I put in a melt (for the oil), I put in a crumble of bubbles (just for the fun of it) and I kept the shower jellies close (for the cleanin'). I've always had a keen sense of smell and associate memorable "moments" with certain smells. Here's my smelly LUSH story.

The hub had business in the UK; and, of course, I had to go. Any opportunity I get to go to Europe, I jump at it. The trip began in London and then lead up through Nottingham and then further North to Scotland. We decided to be adventuresome and rent a car and drive it. I say "we" like we drove. HE drove. I co-piloted, all the way! They must see us idiot Americans coming. Two deer in the headlights, panicking at every roundabout for sure. "Stay to the left but watch the curb, watch the ditch, enter roundabout to the left, exit at 2 o'clock, OMG, we missed it, again!" Funny stuff. The hub was totally drained the first day of driving. After he slept on it though, it was a breeze. Funny how the brain works. Anyway, we make it to Edinburgh, alive. The hub had business in the Outer Hebrides with the Harris Tweed folks--the rag man that he is. (Take a read, there's wonderful history in all that wool.) Talk about trains, planes and automobiles; it was quite an ordeal for him to get up there. It was all business meetings, so I stayed in the city. Of course I didn't mind a day of shopping and sightseeing without the hub. (He refuses to sightsee, bah humbug!)

As I'm walking up Princes Street, this wonderfully scented waft of air hits me. I followed it right into LUSH. I was in heaven. This is MY kinda stuff. Again, the kid in a candy shop mind set shifted into gear. I tried to be "cool" and not too American as I'm buying everything in the shop. I can't tell you how many POUNDS of bath ballistics, soaps and shampoos I purchased. Having never seen a LUSH store before, I thought I better get it while I can. Let me tell you, when I had to lug my suitcase packed full of all this junk through the train depot and onto the train (we dropped the car off in Edinburgh), I wished I had been a little lighter on the purchasing. You think the story ends there? Uh uh. (My stories seem to go on for-ev-er, don't they!) Well, we get back to London and met up with some friends (Raphael!!) at Convent Garden. There, I encounter the "smell," the LUSH smell, again. I knew that smell this time. It's a very distinct aroma. Right there, around the corner from where we were staying, was a LUSH store. I didn't have to purchase a million pounds of the stuff in Edinburgh and then lug it all the way back down. Oh noooo, I could have waited and just purchased some right there in London. C'est la vie--live and learn.

After that, I would have to "get my fix" through Canada (shhhhhh). There weren't any stores in America yet so I had to be careful. Those costs added up quite quickly with shipping and handling from our Northerly neighbors. It was a lean couple of years unless the hub made a trip overseas and happened upon a LUSH store. He's so sweet. Poor guy, I can't tell you how many times he would stop and shop in order to feed my smelly habit. I've had LUSH from all over the world, thanks to him. Thank you, dear hub.

We didn't get a U.S. store until about four or five years ago. Of course, a year after I moved from DC, one opened in Georgetown. Needless to say when I go "home," I stock up. And, another needless to say, when we were in NYC, I stocked up, as you can see for yourself. They are constantly coming out with new products. My latest fav are the new "shower jellies." It's kind of like a thick soap goo in a small tub. A couple of them are straight out of the jello factory, I think. You have to stick your fingers in the tub and pull out the stuff. It reminds me of finger painting in the bath, ha. I also enjoy when their "paper" arrives in the post. It's a very fun read; almost as fun as their products. But the smells, aw the smells.......they all transport me back to Edinburgh.....sigh.

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