Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Yes, that's snow on Rootie, not dandruff. Again with the snow! Today, when mom and I went out to lunch, it was flurrying very finely. I still get giddy with emotion, just like a little kid, when it snows. I had to "high five" mom as we were driving. Yea baby!

It's been so cold this week. Cold here is anything under 40 degrees f. I know, real Southerner. I never wear a coat outdoors, usually a denim shirt with a scarf and that's it--well, pants and shoes, of course, grin. This week, I've felt the nip at my nonwinter-clad body. So yesterday, after getting the kid off to school, I was in the laundry room. I could hear water running. "Hmmm, is a toilet running, did someone leave the faucet on?" Of course, at 6:30 in the morning, the mind tends to run amuck. I go through every bathroom, every sink to see where it's coming from. Nowhere. I go into the storage area in the basement and can feel it running through the main water pipe. Geesh. I start to think, ok, a pipe has burst somewhere, and I will find it....I will find it! I go outside (still in my pjs) to see if any of the hose bibs are running. Nope. It's really starting to worry me after about 15 minutes of checking everything. I think, "Should I just turn the main water off until we figure this out?" No, cause then mom will panic when there's no water. One more place I forgot. The hose bib on the Northern side of the house. Oh, Lord. Yes, there's water out there, for sure. It's running down the neighbors driveway at this point. Joy. Time for the hub to get his butt out of bed and look into the situation. Poor guy...dreaming away....."Get up! We have water running outside the house!" I'm praying the whole time he's out there that it's not a broken pipe, "Please not a broken pipe!" I start to count, thinking the faster he comes in, the less serious it is. It's not long before he's back upstairs in bed. Phew! Ok, you ready for this one? The hose must have been on since the fall (with the hose nozzle turned off, thank God!) and the nozzle froze and burst! I couldn't believe it! We barely dodged that bullet. It just goes to show how efficient (NOT) we are in this family! haha. We ALL pointed fingers at each other, "You must have left it on!" "Nuh uh, it was YOU!" We were laughing at dinner tonight when, in sinc, we all pointed to one another, "Your fault!" Oh well, no harm done, just have to buy another nozzle for the hose. It could have been a lot worse.

Today, one of my errands was to the hardware store (no, not to buy another hose nozzle). They had the sweetest miniature African violets.
Just last week, I had found these two vintage vasoline glass planters. Of course, I bought them; and the violets fit perfectly. You'll see the mini kalanchoe that I bought last year. (They haven't bloomed in quite a while.) And you'll also see my little one-armed gnome. I think my bipolar friend broke his arm off cause he had a pipe in it--go figure. He reminded me of my dad when he had two arms, pout. He's going in the trash today, I don't want to think about her any more. But, the thrill of the day, besides the flurries, was to find an array of primrose!
Last year, I waited too long to get them and I missed out. So, when I saw them today, I quickly picked out five to put in my living room. When spring hits, I'll plant them out front where they come back every year, amazingly. It was a fun day. The kids are hoping to get off school tomorrow. Wishful thinking!

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