Saturday, March 03, 2012

Weathered the Storm

This is what most of the day looked like. We'd have sun and then the clouds would roll in, fast.

Command Center No. 2--mom's living room in the basement. The kid was in his element and I felt safe with him at the helm. This was about the time that Bethy was getting hit in Dickson. I had just heard from her before the tornado hit and she told me the lights had just started flickering. It scared me to death when I wasn't able to get in touch with her for a couple of hours. Was so happy to hear that they had only a little damage; and thank goodness, everyone in her family was safe in her basement when it hit.
Speaking of which. Whoa. Storm mode in the alcove. All of this is underground with no windows around. I even moved mom's mattress over here, just in case things started flying and falling on us. Animules were close by too. After a couple of hours, they all calmed down and slept through the day.
Oh look, a rainbow at the end of the day. We were so fortunate. Many were not. Such destruction and loss of life in so many areas. We stayed just (barely) South of the storms raging through.
A beautiful sunset.
Until another storm approached. Thank goodness, again, it stayed SE of us. As you can see, barely.

Once we got the all-ok, we brought our "necessities" back upstairs, including Frankie!
Ha, then I had to unpack all MY junk!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers yesterday. We were spared once more. Sending thoughts and prayers to those less fortunate. So sad.

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Janet said...

I'm glad to hear you're all okay and...Beth, too. It's scary when so many tornadoes are in one area.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm glad to see that you are ok and that the tornados didn't hit your house. I pray for you all day long...



Jeanie said...

Yikes -- I don't think I realized you were in the throes of it. Geez. Glad you're OK -- hope all you know are, too.



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