Sunday, March 25, 2012


It all may be chickweed, but it sure is green! That's one of the lilacs that is bursting with blooms. Probably need to go cut some more for the house. Mmmmmm.

 Still fiddling around with my cloches.

And, after the teenager's girlfriend's birthday last weekend, I decided to keep the cake platter out and use it. It is actually too short for a real cake anyway. Pfffft. May as well put it to some use!

Storms rolled in yesterday afternoon, thank goodness. I fed all evergreens and azaleas; so I didn't have to water them! 

(But I did anyway--in the rain. Crazy old woman out in the rain with the hose.)

I finally did get to the shop that was selling these gorgeous hydrangeas! 

I found a beautiful plant with two different colors hidden in the back of all the others. 

I wish I could plant this one in the front yard; but they said this variety is not hardy enough. Pout. 
By the time I get all the indoor plants all settled into their favorites spots, I will have to load them all into the car for the summer at Riverside. This is the first time, ever, that I've been able to keep orchids. I'm thinking they'll be really happy at Riverside on the screened porch--that is, if I can get them there without breaking all their tender little necks! Always a challenge.

The teenager was on spring break this past week. He and the hub headed to Riverside for some needed R&R. The hub was just home from Mumbai and Shanghai; and the teenager has been busting butt with 21 credits his final semester. They both needed some down time; but it was wonderful having them back home yesterday.

I'm a happy gurl.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Spring is beautiful in your neck of the woods! Tennesse is such a green place.



Jeanie said...

OK -- you just motivated me to get out the cake plate thing and stick some bunnies in there. I'm so behind -- I didn't realize Easter was so soon!



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