Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I was very excited to see the new tulips from my trip to CT this fall from White Flower Farm beginning to peek through the soil. One is just blooming! Yay! (Don't mind the weeds, please!)

 The grape hyacinths are up and beautiful.

 The crocus are just about past their prime.

One of my faves from Virginia is blooming for the first time this year. I've had a horrible time getting the forsythia to take root here. You really don't see too much of it in TN. Such a shame. I love going home and seeing it growing everywhere in Virginia!

Of course, the daffs are all popping. I keep cutting them and bringing them in. They can liven up any table in a jiffy!
But these are my favorites of all--the lilacs I moved from my mom's yard back in  Arlington when she moved down here. They took right away (only because SHE planted them!). They are now quite a nice-sized bush with buds all over.

See! Mmmm, I cannot wait to smell them. The purple ones do have a luscious fragrance while the white ones (which I chose for my wedding bouquet) do not. Go figure.

And speaking of which, the hub and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today. He sent me 25 gorgeous white roses with the sweetest note. Do I have to tell you that, yup, he's out of the country?! No worries. We will celebrate upon his return. Twenty-five years. I simply cannot believe that much time has passed. We're pretty lucky, us two. Just like we were married yesterday. Well, almost. Ha!

Happy Anniversary, hub. We still got it baby, don't we!

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, lovely! In Tennessee, spring comes a lot earlier than here...

Happy Wedding Anniversary and congratulations on the 25 years!



Snap said...

Happy Anniversary! Love all the bulbs in your garden.

Beth said...

Purty Flowers,,,what you say about Forsythia? We have it all over the place out here in the Cuntry,,lol. I have 2 big bushes of it.
Happy Anniversary.
Luvs Ya!

Gifts Perpetual said...

I love your posts. So sweet, so pretty, so cute! i love gifting flowers too. it's super fun and such a lovely surprise for the receiver.

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