Friday, March 30, 2012


The hub and I stumbled upon a fabulous new cupcake shop in Franklin this afternoon. Oh dear. Pull the gun right out of your holster and shoot me now.

Of all the times for me to leave my camera at home .  .  .  I never leave my camera at home! Geesh! (Well, that's obviously not quite true, now is it.) I borrowed the hub's iPhone and took a few delicious photos of the front room, all decked out in a stupendous array of merriment.

Apologies for the blur and not-quite-right photos, but I couldn't contain myself -- had to share in my joy to find such a gem. I did as much as I could with Photoshop. Sorry chillins'.
With all due respect to Nashville, I am very excited to be finding a more sophisticated array of shopping choices these days. (Hey, I mean we only got a Nordstrom's in the past year! What tha?) It seems a long time in coming, but slowly little ol' Nashvul is opening little shops that remind me of back home. And, no wonder in regards to this one -- The Cowgirl Cupcake Co. originated in Bal'more. Say no mo. But I will, of course. 
The hub and I were so excited about this, we actually discussed moving back to Georgetown during our drive back home with our goodies. That is, after the kid finishes his stint here, of course. How exciting is that? (Our final resting place changes every week, so don't get too excited, k?)

The kid is heading East for his spring break with some friends; so what a wonderful "excuse" to buy a dozen for the road, eh? I know they all will be thrilled to open the box and find these wonderful delights.

I mean, who wouldn't? Am I right, or am I right? You know I'm right.
The hub and I also treated ourselves to one each that we brought home for later. Well--later came earlier for me. Y'all know I ain't nothin' but a cupcake ho; and if one has my name on it, I'm gonna go in for the kill as soon as I can. I had an "oh wow" moment(s) with my chocolate and pink buttercream bliss. So much better than the other cupcake places around here, let me tell you. One can definitely taste the love put into these little gems. Just look at them! No, I mean really, look at 'em!

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Snap said...

I'm on a sugar high just reading this post!!!!

You describe some of the reasons why I'm staying put. Cute shops and I can walk (cupcakes, too)........


Jeanie said...

I echo your words. Shoot me now. To die for. Period.

The Boss said...

Oh please! Oh please! Oh pretty please!!!! Come home!!!! It's been too long. ooxxoo



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