Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Little Harpeth River

I've been riding my bicycle through the parks as weather permits. We had a lot of rain last week so I'm trying to catch up. I have passed this sign a million times and have wanted to stop and get a little history on the area; and finally I did.

The Little Harpeth runs alongside the bike path which makes for a lovely ride. On most days, I fight myself to keep moving; but yesterday I found myself once more chasing shadows. The light is so brilliant this time of year that I just had to bring my ol' point-and-shoot out and snap a few.

 I hadn't even noticed the creek bed's layers until I looked closely at this shot. 

Growing up, we had a creek down the street where us kids always ended up on hot summer days. At the time, Four-Mile Run was just about the same as this little creek, shallow enough to wade through. In the spring, I would bring tadpoles home to watch "grow." We always had buckets all over the dining room around that time. I can't really remember any frogs ever evolving--probably because either 1) my mom dumped them while we were at school, or 2) the cats ate them. Ha! I never gave it any thought, actually. Kids.

Do you remember original Levi jeans in the late 1960s? Geesh, remember how they could almost stand up by themselves when you first bought them? They needed to be washed like a million times before you could even move in them. Seriously. Ha, I distinctly remember getting my first pair; and of course, my momma wasn't about to wash something that had never even been worn! (She was kind of a funny washer--growing up during the Depression, I guess.) Well, of course we ended up in the creek that day. Can you imagine walking in new Levi's that are wet? And, remember, we had to roll them up because our parents would never dream of buying the right size so we could supposedly "grow" into them? (My short legs are still the same length as they were in the 60s! My pants were always rolled up. Still are! Ugh.) How much ya wanna bet those little legs were chaffed raw by the time I made it home! Ouchy. 

Ahhh, cheers to childhood memories and chasing spring shadows.

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Beth said...

Pretty ride. I have been walking to the Lake every day too. Love that walk. I grew up wading in Creeks too. We lived off of a Cove in Hendersonville on Old Hickory Lake. Then spent many days in Creeks off of the Tennessee River in Bama. Caught lots of Crawdads too.
Miss Ya. You gonna come see my little Sweet Foot when she gets here? Not much longer.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

So pretty and peaceful!



Snap said...

Good for you ...riding your bike. This looks like a wonderful ride .. such a pretty woodland along the creek. I do remember the original Levi jeans ... OUCH! :D :D :D

Linda said...

I remember putting jeans on then getting them wet in the bathtub and letting them dry so they would be skin tight. I guess it was normal when I was a teenager.

Jeanie said...

Riding your bike? You are very virtuous! And yes, I remember Levi jeans...



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