Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More on Memphis

There was beautiful sunlight when I was in Memphis. This building reminded me of New Orleans and the shadows called to my camera.

At one point, when I was lost--as usual--I drove by Sun Studio. Of course, I had to turn around and go in! Great website, by the way. Check it out and listen to some good ol' Elvis, Jerry Lee and the man in black. Ahhh, to be here in its heyday would have been amazing. Sigh.

It's a tiny little place, but wow, what memories were made here. If these walls could talk! (Probably wouldn't want to know what they were saying!)

There were tours but I was on my way out to Graceland. Perhaps next time. 

Pfffft, and I never did find Graceland. Yes, I am so direction challenged! I've learned to take it in stride; so when I saw a sign for Nashville, I just headed back home. That's two times that I've planned on seeing Graceland and twice I didn't make it. 

Three time's the charm?

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to visit that place! Great buildings.



Snap said...

You just wanted to go back to Memphis!!!! :D :D :D



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