Friday, August 15, 2008

This, That and the Other

Has everyone been watching the Olympics??? In honor of them, I've pulled out some things the hub has brought home from China. This ink stamp was given to him by the Chinese government earlier this year in honor of the upcoming Olympics. I saw a little clip on Han Meilin, the artist who did the logo of "Dancing Beijing" and the FUWA (good luck dolls). It's absolutely fascinating to see how much meaning is in one little logo. He said the committee first gave him the sign for Beijing to work with. With that, he moved it around and added more depth to the drawing incorporating "person" and "culture." He felt it very important to hold on to the ancient Chinese culture that seems to be getting lost.

It has the hub's name carved on the bottom (not sure what "hub" translates to in Chinese {smile}.

I have not been able to watch a lot of the events, but I have been catching a lot of the swimming and volley ball. I guess they are shown at later times--like when I'm crawling into bed. How 'bout our Michael Phelps? Ra ra ra! The kid, hub and I just about went berserk a couple of nights' back when the relay team beat out the French for the Gold (sorry Raphi). But that will teach them to taunt us! I have enjoyed watching every moment I can sneak in. I can't wait to sit down every night and see what we're up to.

On Monday, I received a wonderful surprise from Mary Jane, my sil. I am just amazed she remembered how much I love Cath Kidston! I was able to sit for a spell and look through it this morning before I started my chores of cleaning and straightening the house up. (It's practically been ignored all summer.) Thank you MJ, I love it! It even feels good, like an old cookbook, ya know?

I even pulled out my CK tea towels for a little shot. And then the day began with the door bell. We had a visit from our insurance agency to look through the house and measure the property. What's up with that? They had to do the same at Riverside. I think it's kind of creepy, myself. It's not like we're refinancing or anything. At any rate, they did what they had to do and then the door bell rang again and it was the dryer guy. My dryer died earlier this week. It was some part for the gas valve that went ca-put. Joy.

But, the funnest project going on is getting the teenager out of the house. He's leaving for university TOMORROW!! Take a look at his room! Do you think he's done anything? Poor guy is going to have a rude awakening (don't I always say that?). I've already told him anything left behind and not put away and labeled for saving is going. Boom, gone. I can't wait. This room is going to be transformed into a beautiful bedroom. I'm dying to get into it next week (rubbing hands together). I have visions of pink walls and frilly yellow bedclothes. KIDDING! That's what I tell him, anyway. hehe. I'm bad, I know. Ew, I get the creepy crawlies just thinking about going in there next week and blasting through everything. Ew. Lord only knows what I will find. The kid will be happy to have a bathroom again. He has refused to share a bath with the teenager since we've lived here. haha. I don't blame him, really. The guy is just downright filthy!

For Jeanie, I hope your birthday was full of happiness and glee. Again, I hope to catch up with everyone soon.


Janet said...

I haven't been watching the Olympics....I know, I'm bad! I actually forget they're on!

Your son's room looks typical. My son used to keep his room neat and tidy....that is, if you didn't open the closet door or look under the bed! On the surface it looked good but underneath you could find just about anything! Including old food that got left behind! It drove me crazy!!

Pearl said...

I just haven't been watching the Olympics this time....very unusual for me.
I hear US is doing well.

Your son's room really isn't all that bad....I am sure he is counting on Mom's help on packing at the last minute.

Hope you are doing well my friend.

robin-bird said...

no TV, no Olympics or Dancing With The Stars for that matter. i depend upon my blogging TV watchers to know when to cheer and for which team.

but dang girl that is one cute jeanie birthday wish! i love it! and i love her too :) thanks do much for introducing me to all your blogging pals rosa.

Jeanie said...

I LOVE IT! Thank you Ms. Rosie and Ms. Bella for that wonderful birthday greeting! My fave!

I'm SO into the Olympics that when I was north last weekend and didn't have them, I almost had withdrawal -- or would have, had I not been having fun! And Cath K. is great! What a treat! Later, my friend!



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