Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cookin' with Crisco

My mom would always say that when we were doing something fun or cooking up something good. I'm sad that Jim left this morning, early. We said our goodbyes last night as he's like mom, an early riser, and said he would just get up and go. We were up by 6:30 and he had already hit the road. A long ten-hour drive ahead of him. Miss him terribly already. I have truly been blessed with my family and loved ones that I'm able to enjoy at least a couple of times a year. But, with that said . . .

In honor of Chef Jim, I made the last two yeast waffles for breakfast for myself and the teenager. Yep, cookin' with Crisco indeed! The batter was still "working" and with a little stir and ladled to the waffle iron, they held up quite well with yesterday's. We enjoyed them a little less without my brother being here to ooh an ah after.

Last night, we decided to finally do something with those famous Chilton County peaches that were at perfect ripeness, at last.

We decided on a peach crumble.

I worked on peeling and slicing the peaches while he did the crumble. The crumble was a tad involved, but having two folks in the kitchen makes it so much fun.

Oh my.

And more oh my after it came out of the oven bubbling.

And what's a crumble without a little vanilla ice cream (sorry, not home made this day)?

It was larapin, I say.

Jim even roasted my almonds while we waited for the crumble.

And Bella wants to see what's on the table at any given moment.


Janet said...

Waffles and peach crumble in one post....I'm on overload! The pounds are just piling on as I type!! You are sooooo lucky to have such a wonderful brother. And he cooks!! Even better!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, all those yummy things! I love cobblers and that peach cobbler looks mighty scrumptious!

Bella is sooooo sweet! I love that picture!



Jeanie said...

Crumble is my very favorite desert! And the peaches look four-star. I still haven't had Michigan peaches as nice as those in S. Carolina!

Ms.B. looks ready for her next course! (I guess she doesn't use a fork...)

Vallen said...

Crumble recipe please. Or just send Jim over to make some.

Saucy said...

Yeast waffles, you say? My Dad makes yeast pancakes.

Linda said...

My southern relatives say larapin. I thought they made it up to tell you the truth.

PEA said...

Rosa? Can I borrow your brother for a little while????? hehe Oh my, that peach cobbler looks sinfully good and look at those toasted almonds! Yummmm! Bella certainly does look like she's waiting for her own bowl of peach cobbler! lol I know you're missing your brother already but such wonderful memories you two made once again:-) xoxo

przepisy kulinarne said...

Cool fun. Like me. Thanks.
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