Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Snippets

I love little snippets of homes. I'm always finding a picture of a corner I want to be transported into. I used to do a post every Friday called Friday's Favorite Corner showing little spots in our home and tell about the pieces there so the boys will one day know what all this stuff is that I have lying about. I gave up on it when I think I covered just about every little nook I could find. Well, hardly. But I forgot about that "series" just the same. Here's one of my favorite little nooks in the study. It's a quiet spot where you can sit and daydream. Looks like Abby and Bella have snagged this corner for the day.

Perhaps now I should start a little post on the Financial Times' House & Home section each weekend. It is always full of goodies for the eye to behold. A couple of week's back, the hub pulled this section for me. I have to admit, I have been downright lazy when it comes to reading anything this summer; and so there it sat.

Until this morning when I finally decided to go through my rather large stack of newspapers and even larger stack of magazines and catalogs. Well, I only got as far as the FT. Everything else still sits on the kitchen table waiting for me to go through. I must just be ADD these days as I can't seem to sit and finish any one project at any given time. Geesh.

It's hard to see in this photo, but this is the most delightful shade of deep delphinium blue I have ever seen, perhaps even an ocean blue. Now I'm thinking of using this color in the main bath at Riverside. To not be a "blue" person, I sure am using a lot of blue paint down there! Hmmm? Don't you just love the simplicity of this bath? (To see better photos and read the article, you can go here.)

Here's another shade of bluish purple. Another simplistic room that caught my eye.

I adore this entryway. I've always loved the primitive/folk artsy look. The creams are so soothing for the soul.

And who doesn't love shades of white? Doesn't this balcony look dreamy? Perhaps I could curl up here and read to my heart's desire? That is, if there weren't any bugs to bother me.

All of these snippets can be found in Stafford Clilff's "1,000 Home Ideas." Looks like it's available in the UK, but not yet in the US. Bugger.


Linda said...

I like that shade of blue. I never used blue much but did a small room that has the toilet and small sink in it a deep blue. I really like it-very cheerful.

Jeanie said...

All of these are wonderful -- what a great book! I love corners, too, except that most of mine don't stay tidy long enough to capture! You can tell who the princess is in that first photo, can't you -- Ms. Sit-in-a-chair-while-my-friend-takes-the-floor!

Enjoy that pile. I have one of my own!

ChrisJ said...

I love the look of that cozy corner. Seems like the cats do too. The one on the floor looks very like my cat, Bailey

Vallen said...

You take one hammock and I'll take another and we'll read and drink sweet tea and dish. Then we'll go to dinner. There - a perfect vacation.



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