Friday, August 22, 2008

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Carpenter ants. Who needs 'em, I say? Found 'em. Kill 'em. Ew.

The painters (from way back when) still had some trim work to replace. Today, they finally showed up and look at what they found. Is nothing ever cut and dry (literally)? Nope. It wasn't just rot on the trim like the other pieces we had replaced a couple of months back. Of course not. No, there was a complete colony of carpenter ants eating away at all the wood on the one garage door. Apparently, the previous owners had termites. They must have had the place treated but didn't' replace the wood. I'm told that's where carpenter ants like to colonize--in old termite grooves. Ew. Shoot me now.

So, they had to remove more than just the eaten trim. These buggers went further back. (Are you itching yet? I am!) So, now in addition to having more wood replaced, I had to call in an exterminator. Just saying that word gives me the heeby jeebies. I don't like chemicals. Period. All I can think of is hearing those little buggers chewing up my house!

They have assured me that it is safe, as organic as you can get in these circumstances. (Scary.) They will be drilling into the foundation bricks and putting this stuff in. Ew. I don't even want to think about it.

We were fortunate they were only in one spot. Thank goodness for that. Never a dull moment around here, is there? Just never know what's next! hehe.


Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

OH NO, eeeewwww! I'd be freaking out........I freaked when we got regular ants in the kitchen once.....but EATING the house???
I hope it's a good riddance once the exterminator does his thing!!

Jeanie said...

THis one scares me. Our cottage is all wood inside. This looks absolutely grim. Much worse than my annoying kitchen moths, about which one day I'll post. They're relatively harmless, just a pill... this, oh, my...

Anonymous said...

Oh now you poor thing!! They are disgusting!!! I really hope the exterminator gets them out ...and I would'nt worry to much about the organic part of it...just get them out of there!! :-)
Have a lovely ant free weekend Rosa!

Linda said...

I had that problem in the past. I'm so glad not to have that house anymore. There's not much wood used here so it's not as much of a problem. We do get ants and flies like crazy though.

Jeanie said...

P.S. -- Love the new wallpaper!!!

Vallen said...

Maybe our uninvited raccoon will eat them.



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