Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Time Flies

Only 19 years ago and 30 days, we brought our first born home from the hospital--a rather large 8 1/2 pound bouncing boy. Yesterday, we dropped him off at college to begin his new life as an adult. Sniffle.

Of course, both of us were up half the night before nervous about each of our new adventures. His, a new life on campus, as an adult, plowing through a degree in business. Me, letting go of my first baby and hoping that he continues to make the right decisions in his life without his parents around.

I am so thankful that the teenager's roommate is a real sweety. I've gotten to know him a little better over the summer and I adore him. While roomy is clean cut, almost preppy, my son is the long-haired hippie type, complete opposites. Probably a good thing. Roomy always has a smile on his face which, of course, I love. I'm so happy that they knew each other before being thrown into a dorm to live together. At least, they didn't have that to worry about.

We were able to get everything moved in before someone on the third floor accidentally hit a sprinkler which set the system off on that floor. Thank goodness, the teenager's dorm was in another wing and didn't get flooded. Ooof. What a mess. Can you imagine moving in and having all your items flooded? Like there's not enough stress in these poor people's lives right now.

The teenager is having a time of it. He holds all of his anxiety in his stomach and there's not enough pepto-bismal in the world to keep it calmed. I feel so sorry for him. The hub tells me that he was the same way and that he will learn how to cope with it. As a mother, those are hard words to swallow. Our last conversation before I went to bed last night was that he was still sick and still had not eaten a thing all day. All I could do was remind him of the BRAT diet (geesh, remember that? Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast!) so he would at least get something in his system. This morning, I am unable to get him on the phone. Of course, he's probably out running around with all the freshman activities that have been planned for them having a grand time of it; but until I hear from him, I will have that little pain in my stomach not knowing if he is doing better. Ah, once a mother, always a mother, right?

Before heading back home, the kid, hub and I stopped at the only restaurant we know in the Old City, Crown & Goose. The kid wasn't with us the last time we were here, so we thought he'd like it. He enjoyed a plate of fish and chips.

Ok, I'm off to call the teenager again. Hopefully, he'll answer this time! Kids!!


Anonymous said...

Ohh that must be so exciting times around your house now! I remember moving to England when I was 18, turning up at the dorm house, as the first student...those first days before everyone else arrived was quite tough...but then people started arriving, and activities was planned and things were fine, and I had the best years of my life :-) I think my parents were worried sick for those years though ...hihi Best of luck to your boy, and you and your husband enjoy the time with your youngest until its his time to fly the nest;-)

GreenishLady said...

Oh... what this time of year does to mothers' hearts! Leaving them in to playschool, leaving them for their first day at "big school", leaving them to college... I'm about to see my son off in a few weeks' time when he emigrates to another CONTINENT. Oh... Mothers' hearts. I hope yours finds peace in the knowledge that he is going to be fine. Fine.

Saucy said...

That is a horrible story, about the sprinklers! Imagine that. But you ducked it! Lucky...

You'll all survive this! Time for teenager to spread his wings. Just keep us all posted, we'll wonder how the pepto-bismol is going down.

Vallen said...

How we parents ever make it through child-rearing is a mystery to me. You'll feel better once you talk to him again.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, time passes fast... I hope he'll soon feel better! Good luck!



Beth said...

Oh,, I hope he is ok now. I know your worried but I bet he is settling down and having fun.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I know how you're feeling right now, having survived similar days a couple of years ago. Once a mom, always a mom! I don't think we'll ever stop worrying about them. It's hard to balance giving them wings and a place to land at times, but you'll all come through this ok.


Artsy said...

Oh dear Rosy...times are a changing...Off to college. How that must stir up mixed feelings inside you. Once the year gets going and settles down--it'll get easier for everyone's stomachs. Then he'll come back on weekends and bring you his laundry. LOL

Jeanie said...

Oh, my! Did it seem like it would never happen? That's what we sure felt with the boys. Tons of emotions -- excited, happy for them and really missing them a lot!



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