Thursday, August 07, 2008

Schweet Baby James

I've told you my brother spoils me, right? I awoke this morning to Jim detailing both his and my car. Look at that shine! Ooof!

We have been having a blast! We awake to Kona coffee, thanks to Vallen. How decadent, indeed.

Been eating lots of shrimp. These are some I boiled up in a couple of bottles of beer. Yum.

The boys took in some waves in the Gulf.

While Jim and I were on a search and seek mission to find an old surf board that he can put on top of his vintage Jeep Wagoneer. This morning, we started in Orange Beach eating beignets. It doesn't get much better than that. But, of course, it did. We just have way too much fun when we hang out. We went next door to the tackle shop where I asked the guy at the counter if he knew where we could get an old surf board. No idea, no help, not so nice. So we went on doing a little shopping in there and when we were ready to check out, a girl appeared. I asked her if she knew of any surfer dudes looking to sell an old board. She disappeared for a moment and came back with a card from a guy that gives lessons. Good start. Gave him a call and he told us he may just be able to find one. The bro and I went on our day doing various things--checking out the local surf shop (found an 8 foot board that would kinda work), mailed my packages that have been in my car since we left TN, got the rest of the items to store Ollie with, had lunch and so forth. We then received a call from our "source" and he indeed had found an old board for us to look us. He told us to meet him at the Warf, and so we high tailed it back to Orange (but not before stopping for a Big Bopper for Jim--an big ol' ice cream concoction). It was just like out of a movie. He saw us pull in, he pulled out and waved us to follow him into the garage. (It had actually started to rain, so it wasn't as covert as it sounds.). The guy found TWO boards! Both were nice, but the one my brother chose is absolutely perfect for the Wagoneer. Perfect vintage. Perfect colors. Just perfect.

Look at the proud new pappa! Top side.

Bottom side, showing off the fin! What a find! We were singing all the way home.

We eneded the night eating at Felix's in Mobile. Shrimp and grits, bbq shrimp, etc.

Oh yea. It was a very good day.


mandco said...

Looooove that Jeep Wagoneer! And that board is soooo perfect!

robin-bird said...

well it is just fabulous to hear how much fun you have with your brother! you sound incredibly happy to be together :) now that surfboard is really something..with the two tone thing going' n.. very cool dude!

do you surf miss rosa??

PEA said...

Yup, I'd say you're having a greatttt time with your brother:-) I have 4 brothers but never get to spend time with them like that...sigh. How cool that he was able to find a surfboard like he wanted, it's awesome. You guys have been eating pretty good too...send some here will ya! lol xoxo

Linda said...

Please send me some of that shrimp ASAP!

Mrs. Staggs said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I'm so glad!

I love vintage things and the jeep with the surfboard made me smile. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an old "Woody"? Now your brother needs a vintage Aloha shirt!

John Ivey said...

Tell Jim I said hi!

Vallen said...

Ahh, life would be so nice driving around in a wood-sided surf mobile, near Mobile, munching on a beignet or two or three. And shrimp for dinner!!! Goodness you folks know how to have fun!!!

Jeanie said...

He details the car? Wow. If I didn't have a Rick (who bugs ME to detail the car!) I'd sure want a Jim!

Senalda said...

Interesting to know.



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