Sunday, August 10, 2008


The kid set up a house of Uno cards before we sat down to play Friday night. After a couple of games (my brother yelled out GUNO, coming in for the kill, and the name struck), we switched to SORRY. Another fun one. The hub won that one.

While the boys went out on the river, I churned (electric, of course) the custard Jim and I had made earlier in the day. I haven't had homemade ice cream in years! It sat and froze while we made our dinner of boiled royal reds in beer and spice, porterhouse steaks on the bbq, corn on the cob and little red potatoes. I had everything out to make a peach cobbler and found the {Chilton County} peaches to not be ripe enough. Grrrrrr. So Jim and I ran to the farmers' market to get some better ones. I started peeling them and they were almost as bad! So, no peach cobbler at Riverside. They're now just about right for using. Geesh.

Oh well, not to worry, I had some nice chocolate conglomerate in the fridge that went well with the vanilla ice cream. I ate mine plain, thank you very much. I just wanted that home-made taste which was absolutely delicious. Just look at that vanilla bean in the ice cream. Yum!

We came home on Saturday, broke our record. Made it home in 5 hours 50 minutes, according to Jim's car. It was nice having a wing man to follow. I think it was the most relaxing ride yet back home. The hub was able to sit back and relax. (I'm the driver in the family.)

We've been hanging out with mom and Jim has been puttering around the house doing little odd jobs such as nailing in popped nails in our back decking and completely cleaning it off. I'm going to have to have him come down more often!

Today was the first day for the kid back at school. High school! I can't believe it. The hub and I spent all morning at various local government offices getting a new tag for his car. Yep. I left his down in Ollie, shut up tight in storage. Gee whiz. I sorry. I "borrowed" it to drive her down to Alabama so I could get a tag there for her then forgot to give it back to him. Considering it only took us an hour to go to the local police station to file a lost tag report (we first had to find the police station!) and then down the road to the county clerk's office to get the actual tag, not too bad. If it had been the end of the month, it would have been murder. We were fortunate.

The brother and I are heading out this morning to get a country breakfast at a local establishment I had yet to try, Dotson's. He read about it in one of his "roadside places to eat" books. He's now having his car serviced and will be home within minutes. So I thought I'd go ahead and get this in before he returns.

Hope everyone's well. I'm still alive!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That Ice Cream must have taste great! There's nothing better than the homemade version...

Have a great breakfast and cheers,


Saucy said...

Mmmm ice cream. Just the thing, before you go to high school.

Artsy said...

I never met an ice cream I didn't like. That looks superb.

Jeanie said...

Can't believe the kids are back at school. They set a law in MIchigan that school begins after labor day -- tourism thing!

robin-bird said...

i can tell you have been having a grand time with your brother! how fun to be with him over an extended time, home and at riverside.
guno right back at ya!



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