Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Come and Gone

Has anyone seen the weekend? It kind of just disappeared. Hmm. Now where could that weekend have gone?

Our little maple is the prettiest around. It is absolutely brilliant this year. The rest of the trees, including the mountains around us, are not quite as pretty as in years' past. The summer drought, no doubt, has a little to do with that. Some plantings are still green as you see above in my hydrangea. Didn't get a bloom on any of them this year. And they are my favorite. Not that I've really had time to notice; but I did when I went out to take pics of my our lovely maple. We've had one frost so far and it took a toll on our pretty fall-blooming azaleas. There are still a few open flowers to enjoy which really brightens the front walk. These lovelies bloom both in the spring and the fall. Aren't I lucky?

Speaking of luck, I worked on getting my feng shui (mojo) back into the house. One of the most important parts of the house is what you your front door faces. This little table is at the back of the house but the hallway goes right to it. I've had several Chinese say what goes here is so very important. And that is why I put my waterfall and pretty plants there (including two new bamboo).

I got more things put away this weekend and we can actually see the floors of every room! Amazing. My sense of comfort is finally returning. I've told the kitchen guys that Tuesday (as in tomorrow) is their last day here until after Thanksgiving. Whatever doesn't get finished will have to wait. I need at least a week's time to gather my thoughts in my own home without having idiots running in and out. And so, tomorrow, I will be breathing an even deeper sigh of relief knowing I have my house back--even if it's only for the time being. I need to gather my sanity, if there's any left.

I actually baked (burnt) some muffins (box) on Saturday. Obviously, I'm still working out how to use the ovens. hehe. And I have a war wound to boot! Non of my metal pans seem to fit in the new AGA. I'm beginning hooked on this flexible silicone bakeware; but you have to put a pan underneath so they don't do the flop. (I left my heavier Orka one at Riverside and had to go and get this flimsier one--grrrr.) Anyhoo, my pizza stone didn't fit and I didn't realize it until I had already preheated the oven and put it in. Thus came the ouchy on my hand. The larger of the two ovens has two knobs you have to turn on. You have the temperature control and then choose what mode you want, convection, broil, etc. Well, looking at the knob, I thought I had chosen the right "mode" when I turned it to the two lines--top and bottom--thinking it meant it heated from top and bottom. Well, it was the broiler mode. lol. I crack myself up. Guess I need a refresher course, already, on the AGA. No worries though. The kid and I still enjoyed a cup of tea and a burnt muffin, regardless. We're easy to please.

It was a good weekend. I have three of my all-time favorite magazines waiting for me to skim through. Of course, I subscribed early on to the new/old Victoria magazine. It's been here since my return from Riverside and I haven't even picked it up yet. Saturday, two more goodies came in, albeit catalogs, but still in the same category as far as I'm concerned. Paper Source is a goody. As I've said before, many times, I sure wish we had more paper stores like this in Nashville. Sigh. Then, look at the most marvelous goody of all! The Cath Kidston catalog! I was so excited to get this. This is the first I've received and I couldn't wait to delve into it. I want everything, of course. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

I'll leave you with the cat's room with a view. This is the laundry room window looking out at that scrumptious tree. Aw, I'm beginning to feel myself again. I am actually seeing the beauty all around me once more. Thank goodness.


T*mmy said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy your muffins after all...looks like you had some good reading materials too...that tree outside the window is lovely...if I were a cat I would sit here all day looking out at!

Have a wonderful day!

Beth said...

Ouch!!! That burn looks like a hurter!!! Love the tree, I got a pretty one like that at the new house. I am so glad your feeling more like my gf Rosie!!! Have some normalcy helps doesn't it? My next few months will be crazy with the move. Going to try to paint some next week when I am off.
Miss Ya Lotz!!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I just said to Mr. Staggs the other day, that I feel like I could use about 3 months to gather myself. It's not going to happen though, so I'm muddling through to the other side, of this year. Some days I'm not as gracious about it all, as I should be. Thanks for sharing your lovely view of the world.
Take care of that finger!

Janet said...

Love that maple tree! The color is gorgeous. I just love fall when the trees all dress in their bright colors.

I hope you get comfortable with your more burns allowed! On hands or muffins!!



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