Monday, November 05, 2007

Digging Out

Just how much Tupperware does one family need? I don't know if I feel nostalgic about the stuff or what. I hardly ever use it. I prefer the zip lock bags these days. But I have so many memories with the boys when they were young and making their lunches and snacks in this stuff, I just can't bear to part with it. So, I again, found a spot for it and stuffed it in a cabinet. I have made a promise to myself, if I don't use it, it's going, come the New Year. Kinda like a closet. Get rid of it if it's not being used. I just need to grow up and do it. I have less room in these cabinets so I really need to conserve space. (I have more room in the cubbies that I can only put pretty things. Geesh.)

Anyhoo, I got a lot done this weekend. Well, not a lot, but some. I emptied three big boxes of stuff and sorted through things. I already have two other big boxes of stuff that I'm giving away. I gave three complete sets of dishes away last week after unpacking them. I just don't need that many everyday sets. The set I first set out on my own with I kept. My brother Jim came out with me and helped me pick it and my silverware out when I was moving out of my mom's house. I still remember him saying "simple patterns make food look better." I always use that when I'm looking at dishes. Again, I couldn't stand to part with them.

And mugs. How many do you need? Do you need one from every place you've ever been in your entire life? I think not. I think most of my boxes are full of mugs. I am really challenged on space for these. I am putting them in a pantry drawer. The hub went to pull one out and all he could find were "pretty" ones. So, I did have to keep a few manly ones. Not too many though, mind you.

My cold is better today. I don't feel as achy as I did this weekend. It's just the cough and the runny nose now. The guys are here working on a few things. They are putting the corbels up and hopefully hanging the pendants over the island. Today, I hope they finish up early. I just want to get back in there and start unpacking. I really need to get into the guest room and get it all cleaned and aired out for my brother and my SIL. She's allergic to kitties and I try and keep them out. But, every once in a while, they sneak in to see what's going on in there. I always like to throw open the windows and wash all the bedclothes and get it sparkly clean for them. I know allergies, and they're no fun. That was another reason we put hard wood floors in there. That's kind of the dander-free room. Right now, there is so much stuff in there--also due to the floors needing one more coat--that I can't do a whole lot. We were able to get everything hung back up on the walls; but the furniture that goes in the back hall has to stay in there until the floors are finished. Haven't heard from the floor guy, so I'm just eagerly awaiting his call.

I just heard an ugly sigh from one of the guys. Not something you like to hear, especially from these guys. Better run and see what happened. Hold my hand, will you?


jeanie said...

It looks GORGEOUS! I can't believe you are nearly done -- indeed, something good is coming your way -- a farewell to the "crew!"

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Hope the cold is short-lived and you can get back to sorting mugs and tupperware at full strength!

T*mmy said...

I enlarged your kitchen counter picture and it looks as if the sunflowers are supervising your!

I hope you feel better and better as each day passes!

Love & Hugs!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I know what you mean about the Tupperware! I have too many plastic containers myself, and finally just stuck them in a large clothes basket and stuck them in the garage. When i need one, they are just a few steps away, but at least they aren't falling out of the cupboards!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Oh my oh my WHY do we do this to ourselves? In starting on garapalooza this weekend G unearthed yet another set of dishes (they are going)...and SO much more. We are mug people too and there is only 2 of us...WHY? I think we truly need a support group! ha!
I had to run some errands today and it felt so good to get out this unpacking and sorting. Problem is now that I'm back I have to begin again. Where IS my magic wand?
If I find it I'll send it your way when I'm done!
Feel better!

cityfarmer said...

The kitchen is gorgeous.....

Yes let's do some de-cluttering!!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hello my first time here.......what a gorgeous kitchen! We went through the building process 4 yrs ago....many things went wrong...I still get mad thinking about rofl. Glad to know you are almost finished. I am soooo sorry to hear of the loss of your dog...they really are parts of the family! Will be back to visit soon..come visit me when you have the time! cherry


Your new kitchen is so beautiful. I have a thought for you while you're organizing that Tupperware. I stole the idea from my neighbor and had to redo my cupboard. She puts all of the lids on the containers and stacks them by size.

Vallen said...

It's stunning. Really breathtaking. You can decorate my place anytime. Now thatyou have the experience you should be a contractor. That's what people need. Someone who brings everything together. You just porved that you are very good at it.

MarkMcL said...

"Manly" mugs, indeed! I think we deserve a photo of your politically incorrect mug collection. We seem to have four catagories: cats, Scottish words, 'pretty' and the rest.

ChrisJ said...

Hi Rosa: Didn't mean to ignore your comments about my ATC's -- just been dealing with my back problems. I only started doing ATC's early this year and I'm not really sure what the protocol is. At the moment I'm really not intending to trade them. I keep them all in a small scrap book. I don't think I've reached 100 yet. If I do decide to trade at some point, I will definitely let you know.
Hope all your make-overs in the house go smoothly for you.

PEA said...

Hello dear Rosa:-) I'm back from my trip and trying to play catch up...I feel like I've been gone a month instead of just a few days! lol Oh wow, your kitchen is looking gorgeous, I so love the concept!! I can well imagine how thrilled you are that you're now able to fill up the shelves and drawers. When I did my kitchen purging, I got rid of tons of tupperware, I just don't use it anymore so out it went!! Hope you feel better real soon! xoxo



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