Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All's Well in Computerland

Bella on my computer sleeping (this summer)

Got my computer back and everything is there. I am so lucky I had backed everything up just before it crashed. Phew. To those of you who haven't backed up recently, BACK UP!! Ya just never know when things are going to go bonkers. My computer is less than a year old, so I thought it was good to go. Goes to show, you really never know.

And so, to recap with some of my pictures, the kid celebrated his 14th birthday last week. Here's another one of my ugly cakes that tasted good. Again, so much for looks. The teenager got him good with silly string. He had it everywhere!! I'm still finding it in the blinds and stuff.

I received a box, more birthday goodies. Let me tell you, I am once more overwhelmed by her generosity and talent. Queen Vallen herself made another crown for me. This one is chock full of vintage ribbons, a bird, roses and even sprays of cut tickets. It is just the most marvelous piece ever. The pictures do not do it justice. I have it sitting by my desk to admire and marvel over. Thank you so much Val. If we ever meet, I shall wear my crown. Honest engine. I think you should start making and selling bridal bouquets. I can see myself carrying a lovely bouquet such as this. I just adore it.

As I was looking through some of my mom's old recipe clippings, I came across this one page from The Washington Times dated December 25, 1963. Look at this little blurb that was in the bottom corner. How funny is that! My brothers were lucky enough to go to their concert in DC. And yes, my second oldest brother did take on the Beatle mop. I don't think all the warnings in the world would have stopped that look.

My brother and his family arrived safely and everyone, but me, is tucked away in bed. I am soon to follow. I think everyone is just wore out, either by a day of travel or a day of prepping. Yep, that bed is calling my name and I am ready to answer its call.


VikingRH said...

I Like the "DAIG, what is my pizza Doing" on the screen of your computer ha! ha!

Satia said...

My mother worked at the Plaza Hotel where the Beatles stayed the first time they came to the US to appear on the Ed Sullivan show.

She did not, however, have the Beatle mop as her hairstyle of choice.

paris parfait said...

Rosemary, just back from Amboise and will be back in the next couple of days to catch up on your posts. But wanted to wish you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings! Hope it's wonderful and you enjoy having your extended family visit. xoxox



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