Monday, November 19, 2007

Gobble Gobble

I've been busy the past two days preparing for the arrival of my brother and his family.  I am counting the hours!  I can't wait!!  (I don't know who all the extra kids are above.)

I picked up the staples for the week and the fridge is almost full.  I pick the turkey up tomorrow from the local butcher.  I had to buy a new roasting pan that would fit in the new stove.  I'm sure hoping the 20 pound turkey fits in it!  Lawd.  We ran into that problem the first year my brother came out to cook Thanksgiving at our house.  We were still living in Leesburg, VA at the time.  He brought this big ol' turkey out and had even bought me a big roasting pan.  (My bro is like that, when he knows I'm lacking somewhere, he just buys me what is needed and brings it out.  How sweet is that!)  Anyhoo, the roasting pan was too big for the oven and we ended up going to K-mart or some such store and buying a couple of those aluminum pans--doubled up.  Ooops.  This time, I'm ahead of the game.  That is, as long as "Bodie Bird" fits in the new pan. Fingers' crossed!

Mom is so excited to see her youngest son.  She came upstairs about six times making sure that I was not going to leave her at home when we went to pick them up at the airport tomorrow.  I assured her, I wouldn't.  I bought her some new pants, turtle necks, sweaters and even some new long underwear.  With her wearing them all year round, her old ones were getting a little tattered looking.    Hehe.  She was so proud of her new things.  I even got her in the shower. Shiny as a new penny, as she used to say.

My computer is still at that shop.  The hub got my old one all set up in the rec room, so I at least can post.  Have to wait for mine to get back before I can share some pics though which is a real drag.  Oh well.   Could be worse with no computer at all.

Hope you all have your cupboards brimming with goodies for the big day.  Is there nothing better than a holiday that has yet to become commercialized, one where the celebration is built around food  and giving thanks and one that you hopefully spend with family.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Most of all, my family arriving tomorrow!!  Yay!


Peggy said...

have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family in your new kitchen. Mine is still a war zone. But I will enjoy it for our Christmas dinner, LOL

Mary said...

Enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family.


Linda said...

Thanksgiving is the holiday I miss the most here in France. We are celebrating it with some American friends but it just isn't the same somehow.

Storybook Woods said...

Have a wonderful week with your family xoxoxo Clarice

Beth said...

YAY,,you get to see your Bro, eat yummy food, and a new kitchen to boot,,Life is Good!!! Have a Blessed time with your family!!!

Jeanie said...

Sounds like you're set for a wonderful time! Have a glorious holiday!



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