Saturday, November 17, 2007


I just don't have the stamina I used to, nor do I want to. I suppose some things just aren't as important to me as they once were. The main level of the house is in good working order, finally. The rest of the house, well, it has a lot to be desired. So be it. I'll get to what I get to.

We got the valance hung back up over the kitchen nook today. What a chore. Thank goodness I had left the brackets there. Now that was some smart thinking for once. We have literally taken all the stuff I had no idea where to put in the office upstairs. It is a disaster. I keep walking by it, taking a look, sighing, closing the door and just keep moving on. It is just overwhelming looking at it. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better and want to conquer it. I doubt it though.

Today, the hub and I made a bee line to the farmer's market just before noon. I was sidetracked by having the appliance company come and install the panel to the ice maker since the kitchen jerks left me high and dry. Now it sticks out a good two inches or more and so I have taken that up with the salesperson who sold me the thing after she knew all my appliances were to be flush. What is it with flush doors? If anyone is thinking of having flush doors in the kitchen, please rethink it. To tell you honestly, I didn't know the difference until I started this whole ordeal. I found pictures of the doors I liked and showed them to the kitchen people and went from there. If I had known all this "flushness" was going to throw everyone off so much, I certainly would have gone with the outside mount. Lord. That's all I've ever had and let me tell you, these flush ones just are not worth the trouble of having such headaches. Any way, after the guys had left and swore they would take care of making it right, I kind of forgot about the farmer's market I wanted to hit this morning. When the hub came down stairs, I was almost out the door running to get there before they closed down. They have the best dairy farmer who shows up with his fresher-than-fresh milk. Last week, I bought some of his whole milk--which you have to shake to get the cream from the top, yum! I said to him "I guess you can't get much fresher than this." At which he replied "Only if you're sitting under the cow." hehe. Cracked me up. Even the hub chuckled at that one. The farm is not too far from here and I'm going to take my brother there on Wednesday to gather our dairy products for the week. I can't wait! Wooohooo. Today, I picked up a little bottle of his fresh cream. More yummies.

Sorry I have no pics to share. The old Mac is going to be hitting the doctor's tomorrow. I'm dying without it. Although, I have to say, I am loving the teenager's keyboard. It has a wonderful feel and click to it. Guess since I learned to type (correctly, that is) on an old IBM Selectric (dating myself, I know), I have a thing for those old clicky keys. I can type up a storm on this thing. Sure wish I could switch with my apple keyboard. No such luck though. Oh well. The teenager wouldn't let me do that anyway, I'm sure.

Hope to be able to play catch up tomorrow.

* A sound my niece makes when things are just not right. (I now use it all the time.)


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Rosa, I hope you got everything you wanted from the farmer's market..It is sad when our computers go out...we miss our old friends to visit ..Thanks for your visit today and have a good Sunday.

Linda said...

It's the little things that can get you down,eh? There isn't that much to do with our renovation-at least no flush doors-just tearing out a wall, doing a ceiling and painting. Will they finish, will the job be good, do they have pride in their work, will the company go bankrupted? We will see.

T*mmy said...

Hey gal, it was nice to catch up with you sorry to hear you've suffered some you know I can relate...ooooof!!

I hope you are having a better day! =)

PEA said...

Now you're gonna have us all saying Oooooof! lol So glad to hear you're feeling much better again...being a dizzy blonde is not all it's cut out to be! hehe After the last couple of months you deserve to have a greatttttt Thanksgiving week...enjoy every minute:-) xox

Stephanie said...

I understand about closing the door on the mess--the last house we lived in, everything got pitched into the "office". There was a path to the computer and that was it. The whole thing was just too overwhelming--until I started making myself work in there ONLY 15 minutes a day. After 15 minutes, I made myself quit. And I got it done, faster than I would have if I'd tried to conquer it all at once, because I just kept procrastinating and stressing over it. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It's a lesson I have to learn over and over again, but it always works.

Jeanie said...

SO glad you are feeling better (like the star crown!). But isn't is awful when your favorite 'puter isn't computing well? Good luck on repairs -- both household, electronic and yes, you too!


cd&m said...

Just love your choice of picture at the top of this post, brilliant!



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