Thursday, November 15, 2007

And I Bow to Thee

Yes, I'm playing dress up today. Well, not really, but I did wear this crown for a little while this morning. (Thank you dearly, my friend, for sending me such a wonderful object to play with.) Boo hiss on missing my own birthday. I'm feeling better, day by day (isn't that a song form JC, Superstar?). Tuesday was the worst by far. I am up and fully functioning. Trying the chase that black cow from over the house. Shoo, black cow. Shoo.

Thank you to each and every one who left the sweetest comments on getting well and for my birthday wishes. I think by tomorrow, I should be in full swing. I am so over having idiotic men trample in and out of my house (workmen, that is); and the thought that they will no longer be here makes my life so much better. They didn't show up on Monday nor Tuesday and I've had it. I am farming out what is left to be done. Shoo, bad workmen, shoo. I am so happy to be rid of them and their stupidity. I have switched gears and am now turning my energy towards Thanksgiving. Yay!

The hub installed a new operating system on my computer the other day. I have been having problems ever since. Grrrr. In fact, I am finishing this post, a day after I began it because . . . my computer froze. We thinks the hard drive went. Ouch. (Good thing I got my crown photo in! ha) Thank goodness, I had backed the entire contents up on November 1. Phew. I will lose a few things, but most everything was saved. How close is that? Pretty darn close. If I had lost everything, boy, would I be bummed. And so, here I am on the teenager's PC with no pictures to share. Sorry. My iMac goes to the docs on Sunday. We'll see what they say. Until then, I will probably be off the air unless the teenager leaves and I sneak into his room and invade his computer.

We celebrated the kid's 14th birthday today and tonight. We went to Buca diPeppo's (sp?) for dinner and he's off with the hub setting up his new laptop. Poor guy, he has always had hand-me-downs from all of us. Guess at 14, it's time he has a decent computer as his school work is getting more intense. He deserves it. Such a great kid.

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know that I didn't fall off the edge of the earth with vertigo. Just computer woes. But, you know what? I'm happy. I'm feeling myself again now that I have my house back! Yahoo. Can I get a high-five from everyone? Yea baby.


ChrisJ said...

The crown is pretty but your hair is prettier. Such a lovely color. Glad you're feeling better.

Linda said...

I'm glad you are better. You do deserve a crown for the renovation work. I'm doing it now. Not fun.

Stephanie said...

Woohoo! High fives for the house AND the crown! How nice to host Thanksgiving in a new kitchen!

Don't you just love Boca di Beppo's? (sp also) We had one in Albuquerque and loved to sit at the table in the kitchen! That's where I celebrated one of MY birthdays, too. Good choice!

Satia said...

I have a friend who regularly wears a tiara whenever she is in the mood for fun. In other words, at least once a week! LOL!

We should all have a crown in our closet to pull out when the world needs to be reminded of how special we are.

The world can be entirely too forgetful.



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