Friday, October 05, 2007

Where is Autumn?

Artwork by Mo Jackson

I'm calling out to you autumn, please hurry and visit our little town. Pull up a chair, stay a while. Not only is my house in total disarray but so is the weather. It feels more like August than October. I don't remember it staying this warm into October. I am ready for cooler weather so I can stop wearing these capri's I've been wearing all summer. I'm ready to put on a pair of jeans, a denim shirt and sweater. I just turned the air condition on, once more. Now, that's just not right. Please, I beg of you Mother Nature, give us a reprieve.

Today, Beth and I finally met up. We've been trying to hook up since (grin) before summer. Sad. We saw each other in February and it's hard to believe that it's already October. (Wouldn't know it from the heat, giggle.) It was almost a year ago when we first met. I can hardly believe a year has passed. My dad always told me time would fly when I got old(er). And, it does.

We met up in Green Hills, a shopping area--as I see it--in Nashville. It's where the big fancy schmancy mall is, the one that holds the likes of Tiffany and Louis Vuitton. That should give you a nice visual. It's also where The Cheesecake Factory is located. Guess where we met to have lunch? Bingo. I find it a special treat to eat there. I guess others do not as there were more women toting their kids in here as if it were McDonald's. Go figure. Fa fa fa. I've never seen so many strollers lined up in once place like this. I was amazed. Anyhoo, Beth and I caught up. We gabbed about this and we gabbed about that. The poor waiter kept returning to see if we had even opened our menu up yet. He was sweet (and not bad on the eyes, eh Bethy?). She ordered the fish and chips and I ordered the shepard's pie. Suppose we carried on the British mode from last night. Everything is always so good here. HUGE servings, even when you order the "smaller" lunch size. Afterwards, we forced ourselves to share a slice of their dulce de leche cheesecake. Of course it was the best and of course, we couldn't even finish it. Such a shame.

We then walked over to my favorite Nashville book store, Davis Kidd. I have to admit, I prefer it's old location and layout much better than the new one. It's not as quaint as the old place. Now it's just like a Borders or other big-name store. Another shame. I used to feel excited when I walked into the old store. Now it's nothing special. Beth was looking for a specific magazine and I found all kinds of great homey ones that I will look through tonight. I can hardly wait to crawl into bed and pull them out of the bag.

After looking around and buying our goodies for the day, we walked over to Macy's. We thought it may be fun to purchase Annie Lennox tickets who will be playing the Ryman at the end of the month. Well, tickets were $85! I am totally amazed at how expensive they are these days. Now, Dylan I would pay $85 for. Lennox? Well, obviously not. I'm sure it will be a fantastic show, but . . . We opted out. We're going to keep our ears open though and find a show to go to together. I have such fun hanging out with Beth. We have so much in common.

I have another post I need to do on all the things she brought me. I also received lots of ATCs in the mail. I'm going to wait and do one post on all of that wonderful stuff. Right now, it's time to think about dinner. The teenager is going to see Korn tonight. Fun. The kid and I are on our own, and that's just fine with me.


Beth said...

I had a blast today, the best day I have had in a while! So much catching up to do and we still managed to oggle the waiter(very cute) and squeeze in that scrumptious Cheese Cake( I am still not hungry)! Ane we are going to find us a good concert to go to at the Ryan, don't mind paying $85 for someone really good. Maybe we can do Nickle Creek, they are great and may not be as prcey since they are doing 2
nights of concerts. Anyhoo,,THANKS for a awesome, fun day!

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

I just KNOW you and Beth would be so fun to hang out with! It's so great that you can get together like that.
I've never been to the Cheesecake Factory - oh dear,and it looks like that's a good thing.(smile)
Big malls like that are ok to browse in once in a while but nothing beats the odd boutique or out of the way shop. I know what you mean about the book store.
Someday I hope to meet you and get see that Rosa magic first hand!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Glad you two had such a nice time together. Wish I could have been there too!
We have a Cheesecake Factory downtown next to the Convention Center, and the Act Theater. I sometimes attend events in those places, and when I's there, that I go for lunch or an early dinner before. I've never had dessert though! Someday, I will have to go, just for the dessert, when I can truly appreciate it.



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